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Daily YouTube – Paint Can Heater

[Here's a neat make-shift heater that can be made for almost nothing. I've made these before using typical 16 oz. food cans and half-rolls of toilet paper. I actually keep one of these and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol in our cars as an emergency heater; if you're going to do the same thing then I would encourage you to also include a larger container--such as a coffee can--into which this emergency heater will sit for safety reasons. I do also want to point out that I would NOT pour the isopropyl alcohol into the can until you want to use it otherwise the alcohol will evaporate.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Paint Can Heater

  • T.R.

    think alcohol stil folks , another reason to have the parts on hand . This heater and any jar with a lamp wick in the top of the lid and you have a renewable light source . Alcohol burns clean

  • G.Scott Shepard

    This surely is a nice little stove but everbody should be aware that ALL combustio results in fume that are fatal to living beings if inhaled…make sure that there is ALWAYS adequate VENTILATION when operating any kind of stove with ANY kind of fuel…..

  • T.R.

    Very cool and easy to make !

  • Ed

    Yeah, I’ve done this myself and found it be well worth the effort.