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Daily YouTube – Pandemic Flu: What Would You Do?

The Patriot Nurse asks you to ready your answers to questions about the pandemic flu… better pay attention. :)

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Pandemic Flu: What Would You Do?

  • GoneWithTheWind

    A pandemic is by definition a highly communicable disease. You aren’t going to outrun it or prevent it by wearing a mask and washing your hands. If we have a pandemic, flu or something else, you will be exposed and everyone you know and care about will be as well. Flu tends to be cyclical; that is the flu prevalent this year was probably the same strain prevalent 40 years ago. What that means is someone over 40 probably won’t get it and you at 30, health as a horse and in the prime of your life will get it (unless you had the flu shot). Ironically most of those people in the old folks home probably had whatever flu comes around and it will be healthy 30 somethings that suffer the greatest effects.

  • ron

    question, this just hit me while watching, when and if pandemic or something else hits, where i live here in nampa idaho i have around me about 6 old folks homes within about 15 miles. I have secured my family somewhat has anyone out there giving anythought to all these people in homes who cannot take care of themselves, just thinging!!!

    • That is a tough problem that I can empathize with considering my gradmother is still in a nursing home. And knowing that they’re among the most vulnerable of populations doesn’t give me any warm and fuzzy feelings. The truth is that it’s probably going to be “every man” or “every family” for themselves. That’s a major reason why we prepare ourselves so that we (hopefully) don’t have to expose our families to problems like this if we can at all avoid them.

  • Martin

    This is probably what concerns my wife the most. Given the growing rise of “super bugs” I can see how we’re going to do this to ourselves someday. Scary stuff.