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Daily YouTube – Pocket Stove Options, Pros and Cons

[Equip2Endure talks about the pros and cons of several popular pocket stoves for backpacking and BOB use. Check it out if you don't already have a favorite.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Pocket Stove Options, Pros and Cons

  • That’s a smart way of thikinng about it.

  • TexasScout

    First the Esbit stove WILL hold most any cup without modification. All you do is close it up a a bit until the cup will sit on the top rail. If your stove collapses, your rivets are not tight enough. Mine works just fine.

    Sterno/Colman makes a “cooking fuel” in a can, not just the “warming” alcohol type. They burn hotter and with an orange flame.

    The titanium pack stove will also burn the same fuel as the Esbit or US military Troxaine bars in addition to wood and other combustibles.

  • T.R.

    I have the old 1930′s single burner sterno . It works well for what it is and unlike pocket stoves like those shown , its a solid strong platform with no balancing your cup or pot ( yes the old sterno is big and strong enough to handle decent weight ). But again , they are what they are , most have their roots in the military and are not meant for serious cooking but simply to put a canned ration on to warm up . They are good ( the sterno 1930s) for sheltering inside a structure where smoke is an issue . Your far better off to carry a small grill grate in your backpack and simply use the grate over the campfire . they are what they are , and have a niche purpose .