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Daily YouTube – Portable Vehicle Handgun Safe

Here’s a nice portable handgun safe called the CarryVault (view it at Amazon if you like) that may interest you for transporting a handgun in your vehicle.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Portable Vehicle Handgun Safe

  • Irish-7

    I like the idea of an override key. I have one safe that has a combination and key lock system. One does not supersede the other. You need both to open the door. But, in event my combination is compromised, no one will gain access without one of the keys. I also like to secure the safe itself inside a locked closet door, or additional container. None of these measures are foolproof. But, the more barriers, the greater chance a thief will give up. I am always looking for new containers. I may check out the one advertised on your video. Thanks!

  • Irish-7

    My son and I both checked the operation of the lock before I put my pistol in there. But, when we decided it was working fine and stashed the Walther inside, the number we set no longer worked. We did all our tests with the door open. Perhaps we should have checked it out with the door closed, leaving the container empty.

    • A feature that my vault safe has is an override key, which is something I didn’t think I would like because it offered alternate access to my safe and required me to hide yet something else. In this case, it appears to be a good thing.

  • Irish-7

    This portable safe looks much better than the piece of junk that I bought from MidwayUSA a few months back. I forgot about it until I viewed this video. In fact, it is probably too long ago to return to get my money back. The box that I purchased was called “SECURE IT” from AACFI in Minnesota. The first one closed and could not be opened, locking my Walther PPK/S up with no way to access it. I e-mailed the company. They were very prompt to respond. The representative told me to take a pair of pliers and just turn the latch until it breaks. I did, and it opened right away. But, that means than anyone that steals it from you can do the same thing. They sent me another box. We could not open this safe to put anything inside. What a waste of $20.00!

    • That’s crazy. Sorry to hear you had such trouble. I know when I got my vault I tested it a few times with nothing inside it just to be sure I could get it open… sometimes I’m proud of myself. :)