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Daily YouTube – Preparing for Chemical Warfare and Gas Masks

The following three videos (all by different people) discuss preparing yourself for chemical warfare. The first one by ThePatriotNurse talks about Sarin gas, the second by TheHossUSMC says gas masks are a waste of money for those of us with facial hair, and the third one is the a video from the YT channel referenced by TheHoss in his video.

[Note: These videos were not made by the editor of RTS.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Preparing for Chemical Warfare and Gas Masks

  • Mr.Draco

    What “fat boy” talks about is ABC-warfare/contamination.
    And unless you have the full PPE-suit,
    a gasmask alone will do jackshit against sarin and co,
    as skinexposure alone is enough to kill.
    So you have a suit, the one the army uses(/gives to normal personal).
    Good to go? No, those break down with time or exposure.(Or mask breakers.)
    Two hours in a contaminated area and you still need a way to decon.

    So you spend the big bucks for a full Hazmatsuit with air tanks and everything.
    Have fun getting cooked in your own fluids.
    Longest endurable time:around 6 hours.
    And your still unable to decon.

    See the problem? And that doesn’t even touch the problems of atomar contamination.

  • T.R.

    Gas masks a waist of time ? ok dude , tell me that after you breath in a few lung fulls of tear gas, or get a face full of law enforcement grade pepper spray . He definitely needs one, as he looks like he needs to lay off the greasy cheeseburgers …….cant see fat boy being able to run 30 yards without being winded . Get into shape bro , or be a victim by those who are .

    One tip for anybody unlucky enough to be hit by enforcement grade pepper spray ………..DO NOT try to use water to clean it off ….that reactivates it ……pad it off and stand in front of a fan until it dries off and evaporates . I have a buddy thats a prison guard , its a requirement of training that they get exposed first hand .

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Two major problems: 1) Your gas mask has to be within arms reach all the time. Unless you know ahead of time when a gas attack is coming you have to be ready all the time. Anyone who as part of their military duty has had to have the gas mask available to him all the time can tell you it didn’t happen. It is a pain in the neck so you leave it and only produce it to meet muster.
    3) Modern chemical weapons will kill you even if you don’t breath it. You must have a full chemical suit and if you don’t already have it on when the chemical weapon is deployed you are dead. This is virtually impossible for civilians.
    The bottom line is you might as well forget preparing for chemical weapons. Your best chance is that it does not happen and your second best chance is that it happens miles from where you are.

    • Yeah, it’s probably futile to prepare for chemicals… just take a few deep breaths instead!

      • T.R.

        He has a good point ……but the two things you are most likely to encounter , tear gas and pepper spray ……you WILL know you need it ahead of time , especially if you live in a city . You will hear about riots and civil unrest . Just sayin