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Daily YouTube – Prepping for Mental Health

[It's good to see ThePatriotNurse back in the saddle, so-to-speak. In this video, she talks about preparing your mental health. Specifically, she talks about the need for relaxation, "decompressing" your nerves, and more so that you're ready for emergencies.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Prepping for Mental Health

  • T.R.

    In an extreme and prolonged period of stress , it will make you sick and suck the soul out of you . Grab any tool you can think of to relieve it when you can , music , walking , a stiff drink , whatever it takes . The military used to issue cigarettes to soldiers ……..this was for two reasons , smoking relieved stress , and is an appetite suppressant .I quit smoking so I work out instead .

  • Jill

    She’s right about relaxing. We have to learn to de-stress. I’ve seen what it does to people I know and I can’t imagine how bad their stress will get in a REAL emergency.