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Daily YouTube – Prepping, Then What?

TheRumpledOne asks probably the second most important question anyone can ask themselves about preparedness: “Then what?” In other words, you’ve got yourself prepared for some specific situation, but then what? Your food storage runs out, then what? Your bullets run out, then what? You bug out, then what? You get the idea. What’s your plan beyond the start of preparing? I can’t say I have a great answer to many of the hundreds of questions that can be posed in this fashion but at least I’m beginning to ask myself… then what?

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Prepping, Then What?

  • Coromandelman

    I Would suggest that anyone who is prepping should stand back and take a good analytical look at what they want to achieve. T.R. and millenniumfly, have both made very valid points..

  • T.R.

    Then hope you never need them , and that you look back at it as an advanced exercise .

  • Coromandelman

    A very good question.. I have been prepping for 40 years, in various ways.
    It is clear to me that all you are prepping for is survival, and to achieve this you must have a range of skills, some obvious others not so. The not so obvious includes planning far ahead, where to get water, food, hunting sites, garden sites, foraging sites, like minded people, etc. This preparation goes way beyond a few bullets and MRE’s.. this is about real living and surviving.

    Perhaps some people need to revisit prepping and re-evaluate their needs.
    You have asked the right question.

    • Unfortunately, prepping is a never-ending battle and the longer you’ve been at it, I would suspect the more questions/concerns you can come up with. :)