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Daily YouTube – Gardening Q&A With Mhpgardener

[Mhpgardener does a nice job of answering a few questions he was asked with on the Prepper Broadcasting Radio Network. Specifically, he discusses, reusing potting soil, how to deal with squash bugs, and 3 things he wouldn't want to be without for his garden. I really enjoy listening to his down-to-earth advice, perhaps you will too.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Gardening Q&A With Mhpgardener

  • Darryle Milhorn

    I am new to hydroponics and having trouble with the roots on my pepper and lettuce turning brown. I have my pump set on a timer running two hours and off two hours. My ph is 6.8 and tds is 850. I have them in a rail system, using perlite and hydroton as my growing media. I realy want togo to the hydroponics but need help.
    Darryle Milhorn
    East Tennessee