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Daily YouTube – Scenario Video: It’s the Little Things That Will Kill Us

[Sometimes SoutherPrepper1 likes to do "survival scenario" videos such as this one where he imagines what it would be like in a post-collapse world and discusses how things are, what we take for granted, and more. It's a really neat thought process that you would do well to play along with. In this particular video he contemplates water, heat, and snakes.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Scenario Video: It’s the Little Things That Will Kill Us

  • T.R.

    I was recently on a job in Death Valley , It amazed me about how many idiots were dressed like they were going to a sunday cook out , tank top , shorts , and most had FLIP FLOPS !!!! WTF !!!!! didnt these people understand where they were ? I guess not .They obviously were not planning on leaving their air conditioned car when sight seeing . It was also obvious that they didnt give one thought about the possibility of their car breaking down either . The crew and myself did some hiking around after work to see the place , average temp was 127 degrees , all of us had boots , long pants , long sleeve shirt , and a wide brim hat on at all times . We also had serious water on our person as well . I guess common sense isnt that common these days , then again , the buzzards need to eat to .

    • I think that’s the general problem with society these days… everything tends to work so well they can’t fathom that someday (for whatever reason) it won’t work. And it’s this lack of possibilities thinking that gets you into trouble.