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Daily YouTube – Sealing Ammo for Moisture Protection

[I recently came across a post on ModernSurvivalOnline that introduced me to a new retailer, ReadyReserveAmmo, that is packing ammunition similarly to food storage. According to Rourke's post, "Ready Reserve Foods recently started another company packaging ammunition with the same method as the food. By canning and nitrogen packing ammunition, you will never have to worry about rust or corrosion happening to your ammo. Overtime, gun powder WILL absorb the moisture in the air and cause problems when shooting. By packing the ammo in an airtight container and changing the atmosphere to a dry nitrogen environment, the possibility of that happening is zero. The packaging also prevents tampering and becomes child proof." So, I decided to look for a YouTube video that did something similar using a vacuum sealer. Not sure if this is a good idea or not, just food for thought.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – Sealing Ammo for Moisture Protection

  • I seem to remember reading something several years ago about storing ammo in an oxygen-free environment and it was not good.
    Anyway, you’ve got a great blog here!! Just added you to our daily reads, Thanks!!

    • I did a bit of research about this and it seems that storing in an oxygen-free environment is OK to do. What might not be OK is to use both an oxygen absorber and a desiccant (for moisture) though I’m not sure why. I would think that what you really want is to protect ammo from moisture.

      • That’s good, I read (very long ago) that some of the rounds weren’t firing due to the lack of O2. I agree, moisture is bad. We store with desiccant only.