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Daily YouTube – Self Defense vs Home Defense

[MainePrepper talks about the differences, as he sees it, between self defense and home defense. although this video should have probably been called community defense instead. If you haven't noticed already, he's somebody to listen to as he's been around the world and has seen how societies react when things go bad. In this video he talks about defense as being more than just yourself and your home. You need to think about community/neighborhood defense too. This is still a difficult mindset for me to accept because I fear my neighbors will be the biggest source of trouble as they are just as unprepared as everyone else AND closest to me! Maybe I'll figure out how to change my mind someday.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – Self Defense vs Home Defense

  • Great video and you just turned me onto a new youtube channel I’m going to start following. Thanks!

  • Hammer

    I tend to agree with you about not wanting to involve my community. I’m a bit of a lone wolf myself but I’m beginning to see the benefit in creating a cohesive group. Maybe not with my neighbors but with trusted friends.