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Daily YouTube – Small Solar Still Design for Water Distillation

[This video shows you step-by-step how to build a small solar still for water distillation. This can have application not only for potable water but for medical uses also as this water is considered pure; the only problem I have with using this water for medical purposes is that it may very well pick up contaminants from the silicone, glass, or plastic tubing. I might also point out that the use of black silicone may not be the best option to coat the box with if you intend to use this for drinking water. This is another cool project I may want to try someday.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – Small Solar Still Design for Water Distillation

  • doug

    I was going to comment on the Fresnel Lens water still but I found no where to comment. I have experimented with Fresnel Lens on heating up a cast iron skillet (for cooking),and it didn’t take long to realize that I had to keep moving the lens to follow the sun! I started out with a 2×4 frame mount and a stand mounted on castors,but it was to bulky & and heavy.So I tore it down and plan on making the next one with aluminum or thin metal frame.The thing must be totally adjustable,to turn in all positions,unless you’re a Genius with small electric motors and have it automated!! Maybe this can help someone?? Ps—While heating up cast iron pan I recorded temps. of 550 degrees with a laser temp.gauge!!

    • Sounds awesome! Maybe you’ll consider a guest post on the subject some day. I’m sure it will help the rest of us. I know when I sold our big screen rear projection tv a while back, I almost considered not selling and tearing it apart simply for the fresnel lens. :)

  • Hammer

    I really do need to pay more attention to solar power. It may be the easiest and most efficient power source for long term survival.