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Daily YouTube – Solar Dehydrator Project (Needs Work)

Solar Dehydrator Project (Needs Work)

[This first thing you should know is that this is NOT how to actually build a solar dehydrator; however, I love the idea of using what was lying around to build something useful. Although it seems he created more of a solar oven than a dehydrator because there was no airflow, it was a good start. I also noticed that he was getting the temperature too hot; I don't let my dehydrator get much above 130 degrees Fahrenheit, whereas the video temps were upwards of 150 degrees. His fruit ended up gooey because it wasn't releasing the moisture properly due to a lack of airflow, too high of heat, and he didn't let it dehydrate nearly long enough. Anyway, I applaud SurvivalistBoards for trying something new and being willing to share. FYI, you might be interested in these solar videos, including several on solar dehydrators that actually seem to work. Of course, you could just wimp out like me and buy an Excalibur dehydrator... they are well worth the money, for sure.]

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