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Daily YouTube – Survival Flash Drive Considerations

[North Carolina Prepper discusses why a USB flash drive (aka, thumb drive) would be a good idea for you to have with you for disaster scenarios. I keep one on my keychain and recommend you do as well. In fact, I've taken this idea a bit further and now utilize TrueCrypt to better protect my personal data. He also suggests including this data on a cd/dvd and sending it to trusted relatives or friends with an interesting way to "encrypt" it for those who the data was sent to. I haven't done this but I do use Google Docs (now Google Drive) in a similar fashion. In addition, I would also encourage you to include important contact numbers in hard-copy form which can be placed in your wallet or purse.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Survival Flash Drive Considerations

  • T.R.

    I could be all wet, but I have found that the lever opening ( sliding )drives are not as reliable as the ones with a cap ….just sayin

  • T.R.

    One thing about flash drives …..they can fail . Ive had that happen and lost everything on them ….currently , no software exists that can retrieve data from a malfunctioning flash drive . I was told that one way to prevent this from happening is to partition it , even a tiny bit will be enough to create a back door to retrieve data . I would suggest having duplicate information on more than one . At the very least , you have it in case you loose one ……….it happens .

  • Mary

    Encrypting each disc with something unique to each family member is a good thought. I need to start carrying my info with me. Thank you for the reminder.