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Daily YouTube – The First 24 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse (Fictional Account)

[With so many in the prepper community talking about the looming potential for economic collapse, I figured this fictional video might shed some light as to how it could happen. Enjoy!]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – The First 24 Hours of a US Dollar Collapse (Fictional Account)

  • T.R.

    ……Texas secedes from the union starting a chain reaction from other states including Arizona in support of the Texas republic also secede , Alaska , Utah , and several of the gulf states also drop out and loosely join the Texas republic in response to the crisis and threats from Washington of marshal law . The United States is on its own to repay any and all debts as the newly formed republic takes no responsibility for deeds done by the United States . Russia in support of Chinas decision starts sending military equipment to the Texas republic for its defense through the same routes in Alaska as the United States used to supply them in WW2 . The break up of the United states has begun .Air strikes across the Mexican border become necessary to persuade them to remain where they are …….