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Daily YouTube – The Get Home Bag

[Sootch00 discusses the critical difference between a bug out bag and a get home bag. There is a difference in the contents and definitely the purpose as well. This is something you should keep in your vehicle for sure and possible even nearby while at work or elsewhere. The backpack uses is the Osprey Manta 30 Pack, and discusses a variety of items, including sturdy boots or shoes, quality knife, flashlight, sunglasses, bandanna, poncho, map, compass, multi-tool, paracord, and plenty more ideas.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – The Get Home Bag

  • WilRogers

    Thanks for a good GHB primer. This is something I have been putting together and thinking about for a while. One question, w/ water, food and meds… I am concerned about the heat build up in my car during the summer, but I don’t want to risk leaving my bag behind by taking it out of my vehicle every time I get out. Am I worried about nothing? How do you deal w/ the heat issue?

    • I’ve got the same problem here is the Midwest; it gets hot and humid. Personally, I don’t worry about it too much. So long as you stored clean water in a clean container. Food is a bit more of a concern because it will “go off” quicker. Store the most shelf-stable foods you can (MREs are probably the best) though I keep a few granola bars, hard candies, and such. You don’t need much. Medications are the biggest concern, IMO, especially Rx meds. These are best to not be kept in the car unless you have absolutely no choice. Regardless, if heat is the concern you could work to rotate your supplies more often, particularly right after summer heat. Water is free to rotate and a few $$ on food isn’t bad. Not sure what your situation is but even a very small bag (e.g., fanny-pack sized) of meds and a bit of food could go almost anywhere and be with you all the time.

  • Smoothe1

    You’re right, there is a subtle but definite difference between a get home bag and a bug out bag. Nice vid too.