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Daily YouTube – Threats to Preppers: The Government

[MainePrepper is at it again, this time talking about another potential threat to preppers in a two part video: the government. According to his own statements (and I"m paraphrasing greatly here), MainePrepper has seen a lot of bad stuff in his life and seems to have a very strong view of governments when things go bad. That said, he does tend to allay some fears that many paranoid preppers have with regards to how the government can and will react in a collapse. I certainly feel he has some very valid points and obviously the experiences to back them up. And I tend to agree that the government gets a bad wrap at times from the prepper community. I know I'll take some flak from that statement but, if anything, I think you need to worry more about your neighbors than you do any government... at least, most of the time. ;)]

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  • T.R.

    I watched both Maine preppers vids and the link to survival podcasts guys reply …..powerful stuff .