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Daily YouTube – Two Important Items Not Found in Bug Out Bags

[I tend to agree with the video that these two safety items can and should be included in your bug out bag if possible. I keep one of them but haven't thought about the other.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – Two Important Items Not Found in Bug Out Bags

  • Wm

    Even with “unapproved” custom leather and foam inserts your Kevlar is a pretty heavy rig.. Wearing it needs to be based upon the perceived threat. My every day helmet had a ton of comms and various other “accessories” hung on it. It will wear you out unless you have been doing it all the time for a very long time.

    I have the same grey Skateboard Helmet for my BOB. Pretty nice actually. I also include a pair of Wrap Around Sun Glasses in everyone’s bags along with Safety Glasses..and ear plugs. A couple pairs of broke in well fitted gloves each..(I also include one complete change of clothes, wool Sweater, two pairs of hiking socks and and a pair of sturdy broke in shoes.. all attached.

    Since folks don’t wear that stuff daily they will not have it if and when the SHTF. So it is best kept with the bag.

    Since were talking about stuff not normally mentioned..

    People buy Gas Masks..from many sources.. Few know how to fit them or use them.

    Find someone who does and learn.

    The “Old School way to test them was to have everyone mask up then burn a little Camphor in a designated tin shack.. (Obviously not one’s house).
    If the Marine or Trooper could not smell it with his mask after he did a few jumping jacks and pushups he had it fitted right and it was deemed to be working properly..Today they have fancy sprays and such which are no doubt safer and less problematic.

    The biggest problem is what folks don’t do with their masks once they get them beyond testing them?… Wear them.. and by wear them I mean put them on and wear them for increasing hours of the day.

    To start a new trooper out we would require he wore his mask increasing hours of the day… Once he had the physical strength to work while keeping it on..and to help maintain we would wear the things a 3 nights a week to sleep in the Barracks in order build our lung capacity. This was required because masks take more effort to breath in and out.

    Now if your older, not physically fit.. have not been training with the mask.. It is a debilitating piece of hardware..

    Solution: Either get a Pressurized rig or forget it. PABR and or Bottle rig is about all that will work for folks who are not quite fit and do not train to wear them all the time..

    Certainly it is not difficult to build an overpressure system for your home at least one room but you have to do it in advance.

    Sorry there is no shortcut.. Such training is serious stuff and there are no easy solutions if you really want to accomplish anything. Just buying a surplus Mask and calling it good.. isn’t

  • Badger359

    Excellent points, I have never this issue addressed either. We use Wiley safty glasses and bump helmets.

  • T.R.

    Good vid !!! , wouldn’t have thought of safety glasses , but now that he mentions it, yeah . Helmet , not completely sold but I see his point . Dunno if I would use a skateboarding helmet , makes you look like a nerdy weenie , I would probably use one of the new motorcycle helmets that look like the WW2 german , or better yet , a real ww2 US M1918 Brodie style , they are flatter , and the brim would help keep weather off your face .