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Daily YouTube – Unusual Uses for Tampons for Preppers

I’m beginning to really like this new channel I’ve come across (HealthyPrepper). In this video she discusses alternative uses for tampons, a few of which I’d never heard before. This article on 10 uses for tampons was something I’ve seen in the past that may be of interest too.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

12 comments to Daily YouTube – Unusual Uses for Tampons for Preppers

  • joe

    I have used them in a ball cap for sweat running in
    My eyes

  • T.R.

    I have some friends that are ex military , they told me to keep several maxi pads in the aid kit for trauma wounds . Maxi pad , gauze bandage ,tape combination ………it made sense .

  • Lonna

    I couldn’t get the audio to work.

    • Not sure what to tell you since it’s a YouTube feed. Maybe your mute button was on? Try watching the video on YT:

      • Lonna

        Nope. I tried that. I also checked the volume/mute on the video, then went to YouTube. I didn’t work on any of them. It also happened to two other videos that I tried to watch today. But, some other videos worked fine. (I guess it just doesn’t like me.)

        • Sounds strange. I don’t like it when computers won’t cooperate! Only other thoughts would be to try a different browser or computer. Maybe clearing your current browser cache would help? The last ditch effort is a PC restart and bit of hopefullness. :)

          • Lonna

            I wish I knew more about computers, but I can only do simple things. I guess I’m what would be called “computer illeterate”.

  • Junipers

    Thanks for sharing your ideas, thinking “out of the box”. I’ve stocked up on tampons and Maxi pads for “other uses” and am glad I did. I don’t need these product any more, but they are great “multi-purpose” must haves. As always, I am eager to learn, & I’m glad that you share your ideas with us. So hey guys, these products may just save your life someday. Don’t get all macho and be afraid to pick up boxes of these things: after all, you’re just shopping for your girlfriend or wife. :)

    • T.R.

      I hear ya , my ex wife used to send me out to pick these up for her ……..I HATED THAT …….I just made sure I got a female checker , some guys think that would be bad …no ! its better because they automatically know , and some think its sweet , either way ….its less painful :)

      • You could always order online these days. ;)

        • T.R.

          LOL , thats true , but the way it worked was ” I need them now ” ……..guess who went out to get them . Get them before you need them didnt happen . You would think females would keep track of those things ……I know I sure didnt :)