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Daily YouTube – UV Paqlite (Reusable Glow in the Dark Lighting Option)

Here’s a video on the reusable glow in the dark lighting option called the UV Paqlite. They can now be purchased on Amazon if you like in mini, medium and large sizes. When I first saw these about a year ago I thought the idea had promise and, although I never purchased any, perhaps I shouldn’t bother after this video.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – UV Paqlite (Reusable Glow in the Dark Lighting Option)

  • Kevin B

    I’m actually pretty happy with mine. I attached it to the flashlight I keep in the bedroom for those late night emergencies or just checking on things. It gets enough indirect sun during the day and at night it always glows bright enough for me to find the flashlight.

    Oh, yeah, also put them on the dogs collars when we go camping. Not great at a distance, but at least I don’t trip over them!


  • Smoothe1

    I’ve been wondering about these lights. Too bad they’re not what I was hoping for.