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Daily YouTube – Water Rotation Facts and Fiction

[LDS Prepper educates us a bit about some truths with regards to water storage. While I tend to agree with his assumptions (that so long as water was good going in it will always be good) there are some caveats such as algae growth. As with anything that is expected to be consumed it's best to be safe rather than sorry so be sure to properly treat any suspect water before consumption. He also gives his opinion on a few other water myths regarding stored water too.]

8 comments to Daily YouTube – Water Rotation Facts and Fiction

  • Berneck

    Sure, I guess water doesn’t go bad, IF stored properly. This water was not stored properly in my opinion. They may have been lucky that no bacteria got in there, but the seal was broken. Seriously, why take a chance? This was a bad video, with bad advice. It’s not the water per se, it’s what can get into it that is the problem!

    Now, as far as rotating water? Perhaps you don’t have to be SO vigilant as many preppers advocate…..Again, IF it is stored properly. But, I say again, why take a chance? In a true SHTF scenario, water is one of, if not THE, most important thing you need.

    I’m very disappointed that this video was even published on this site.

    • Sorry to hear you feel this way but I’m not really seeing what the problem is. They merely tested water that had been stored in their 55 gallon drums. Let me ask, is the seal not broken any time water is rotated (that is, drained and refilled)? Is the seal not broken when the water is actually being used during a SHTF scenario? Sure, water can be contaminated in a number of ways but bacteria from interation with clean stored is not a huge concern. I’d be more interested in the contaminants that came from water collection (such as rooftop rainwater or the nearby river).

      My question to you then would be: why is this water not stored properly? That’s how I store my water. If I’m doing something serious wrong I would like to know.

      • Berneck

        Well, I think you’re missing my point. The seal was clearly unintentionally broken. That is the key here. Not broken because it was going to be used. There’s no telling how long it was broken. To me, that leaves a big question mark. To be safe, I would treat this water before I drank it. Simply looking clear and not having an odor is not enough. Again, why take a chance when you don’t have to?

  • Ron

    If the water is clean and free of contaminates, it will never go bad. It can get flat, it can absorb flavor from the container, but it is still good. I’ve been seeing these “Water treatment” kits for long term storage that sell for a pretty high dollar. They are nothing more than concentrated chlorine. There is nothing special about them. You can do the same thing with unscented household bleach. I treat mine with a little extra. It’s easy to let the chlorine evaporate by leaving the water sit uncapped for a few hours and get rid of the odor.

  • Ron

    Thanks for the video demonstration. Are the 55 gallon water storage container that you are using BPA free? If not then there is the possibility of BPA leaching into the water and it has no taste or color. I am storing distilled water into BPA free 5 gallon jugs but that adds up to a lot of jugs to store any appreciable amount of water.

    • The video was not me doing it. They look like typical fda-approved 55 gallon jugs but I don’t know if they are bpa free or not… I assume they would be if they’re considered food grade.

  • Martin

    Nice to verify what I already assumed, water doesn’t go bad!