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Daily YouTube – What Are Survival ‘Diva’ Preps?

ThePatriotNurse talks about her views on the “diva” preps… those preps that are beyond the mere survival items we all like to store. She provides several ideas (a few I hadn’t considered) and discusses why they’re important. She also reinforces multiple times the usefulness of stockpiling for charity as well.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – What Are Survival ‘Diva’ Preps?

  • T.R.

    Fernando FerFal , made a video on why you should stock up on emery bordes and ladies nail pads and boards . They are cheap , easy to find , etc ……..he then went on to show you how to keep your knife sharp with them .

  • Dave

    I always enjoy the Patriot Nurse’s videos. She is well grounded and practical. It’s worth your time to follow her website.