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Daily YouTube – What Happens When a Family Member Loses It During SHTF?

[Not long ago, DEMCAD talked about dealing with hostile neighbors in a SHTF situation. This time he, along with MiamiPrepper1, ponders what would happen if a family member "loses it" during a SHTF situation? This should very much be a concern for you as well. After all, you can't expect everyone to keep a level head when everything is falling apart and that includes family or friends. MiamiPrepper1 believes the best course of action is for YOU to keep calm and lead by example. Above all else talk to those people you expect to be surviving with so that they're not surprised and at least understand you have a plan. Think about it!]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – What Happens When a Family Member Loses It During SHTF?

  • Pam

    Good point made about ‘friends’ showing up and challenging your authority in your house. Now is the time to evaluate the attitudes and mannerisms of your friends to determine if, under pressure, they may become the foe. Separation will be easier now than later.

    • Yet another good reason to ensure everyone who is expected to show up is “on board” with your plan. It can’t hurt to have a set of rules printed and ready to hand out to anyone that isn’t expected to show but does as well.

  • T.R.

    I wont go into it because its a long story and close to home ……but there are some people that overreact / freak out in adverse situations , even stressful life situations , they cave in . Thats just the way they are wired ……only thing you can do is be strong for them , take over the situation , speak to them calmly , and firmly but gently reason with them . It is a burden , but you dont have a choice , its like a caregiver …..and yes you yourself will need to grab any life tool you can just to stay the corse , weather that is taking a drive alone , mental exercises , whatever it takes to keep yourself going because it is going to be hard on you , and they are depending on you to be their rock .