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Daily YouTube – What is Your Blood Type?

[Knowing what your blood type is (as well as for each family member) could be a useful bit of knowledge should the need ever arise; it's also a good thing to add to an ICE Wallet Card for emergency responders. There are many ways to potentially find out your blood type, such as from medical records, military service records, ask your doctor if they have it on file, donate blood, or use a blood testing kit. There are other possibilities such as a blood type calculator but I wouldn't bet on them. The point is to find out before you ever need to know.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – What is Your Blood Type?

  • T.R.

    Im a universal doener , they are always after me lol.

  • Smoothe1

    Any information you can provide to EMS is a benefit but I wonder how trusting they’re going to be of a blood type printed on an ICE card? I’m not in health services so I have no idea.