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Daily YouTube – What Would You Do [With Your Stuff] If Nothing Happens?

[usFreedom22 talks about his view on what he would do with his preps if nothing happened to the economy or life as we know it. That's an interesting question to ponder, especially since it's hard to imagine NOT needing to rely on our preps at some point in the future. The main point that he makes is that prepping is a lifestyle so this question isn't really a "fair" one to ask. The second half of the video talks about his views on raising his young kids.]

5 comments to Daily YouTube – What Would You Do [With Your Stuff] If Nothing Happens?

  • Ranger

    I have been using my supplies for 40 years. I just retired from the military and emergency services , but spent 40 years going to every disaster East of the Mississippi. You can help those in need while waiting on the Feds, out of work, got my needs covered. It is a good life style.
    Best Regards, Rick

  • Lonna

    Rotating would mean that there would always be something there. I would pass everything on to my kids/grandkids.

    • I would suspect that someday your kids will look at actual physical assets (food, equipment, etc) as even more valuable than $$ they may get as an inherritance.

  • Hammer

    The video and you have it right on: it’s a lifestyle and you should be using what you’re acquiring. If you’re just storing prep items for use someday in the future you’re doing it all wrong.