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Daily YouTube – Women Are Too Stupid to Choose Their Own Gun (What!??)

Got your attention? Well, James Yeager got mine with this video title, for sure. In it he discusses the obvious absurdity of the notion where husbands (or any significant other) simply assumes their wife/girlfriend/etc cannot make a good decision when choosing a firearm for their own self defense. Sure they can, when they’re well informed and practiced… and the same goes for all of us.

[Note: This video was not made by the editor of RTS.]

3 comments to Daily YouTube – Women Are Too Stupid to Choose Their Own Gun (What!??)

  • T.R.

    Yeah , you have to figure that female soldiers are trained to use the same weapons as male soldiers …….they have no difficulties doing so . Russia has known this for decades and female russians in the military are very effective . For most women and even a lot of men , the 9mm is a good choice because of the good round capacity and the recoil of a 9mm is much less than that of say a 45 . I’m not going to get into the caliber argument because its pointless , but modern home defense ammo is very effective in 9mm . I will say that I also prefer the 9mm because its very controllable and all my handguns are 9mm ( it also makes buying and stocking up on ammo a lot easier )

  • Ed

    Yeager is a fairly divisive figure! Most of the time he makes sense though.