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Daily YouTube – The Defensive Flashlight (Your #1 Option)

[Sootch00 talks about a flashlight being not only a security tool but a potential defensive tool as well. In fact, he considers it a #1 option for defense; it's an interesting viewpoint on a difficult topic for sure.]

2 comments to Daily YouTube – The Defensive Flashlight (Your #1 Option)

  • Ted

    Good points , but I agree , its stretching a bit . If Im that close , I might make one swing with that in order to give me time to grab the big knife I have strapped to my leg . I would absolutely discourage the wearing of those headband flashlights all the yuppie survivalists are so in love with . Why ? main reason is if somebody decides to try to shoot out that light , it goes right into your brain bucket . Another reason they are bad is that they can be seen by an enemy far easier than hand held because of the elevated position . Look folks , a flashlight only belongs in one of two places , either in your hand , or strapped to your gun barrel .

  • Ed

    Interesting take on using a flashlight as a defensive tool. I felt like he might have been reaching a bit but you can only do so much with a flashlight!