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Guest Post: Do you need a Panic Room at Home?

Panic rooms are also called safe or secure rooms and have been featured in Hollywood movies, such as the film “Panic Room” which starred Forest Whitaker and Jodie Foster in 2002, but are Hollywood these portrayals accurate?

What is a Panic Room?

A panic room is not a new concept, in the Middle Ages, barons used to have well-fortified rooms in which they could hide during a particularly heavy siege. Some people have storm- proofed basements or other rooms in their homes so that they can weather a storm, tornado or hurricane, and these could be termed panic rooms.

A panic room may be a heavily-reinforced walk-in closet, or a room just off your den. Typically these rooms are designed for you to stay in for a limited amount of time, unless there is a supply of oxygen you can’t stay in them for too long.

These are rooms in which you can seek refuge if you have an intruder in your home. A locksmith can fit secure biometric locks so that only you and your family members whose fingerprint is recognized by the mechanism in the lock can enter and advise you on the best shield doors to install for your protection.

Some panic rooms are designed for people to stay in for up to a month according to the designers, but these come with a high price tag and are only available to the affluent.

What are Panic Rooms made from?

Some panic rooms are simply reinforced rooms which already exist in your home or business premises. They may be reinforced with concrete, or other durable material.

Manufacturers are typically reluctant to specify the materials they use for their custom-built panic rooms, but they are bullet proof and can give protection from noxious chemicals and gas.

There will be a sophisticated array of locks which even a professional locksmith would find difficulty in picking. They can be stocked with weaponry, food and supplies as well as communication systems so that you can call for help.

Why you Might Need a Panic Room?

With the increasing number of heavy storms, and adverse weather conditions affecting the States as well as other countries it may make sense to have a fortified room in which the family can hole- up for a time.

If you live in a neighborhood with a rising crime rate and a history of violent attacks, then a panic room could protect you and your family in the event of a break-in.

Some people are having panic rooms built in to newly constructed buildings because of the fear of terrorist attacks and the possibility of being caught up in these. Of course, this reason for building such a room depends largely on where you live.

If you are considering a panic room for your business, large corporations are turning their board rooms into dual purpose rooms with existing materials such as glass being replaced with ballistic proof glass.

The need for a panic room depends on where you live and how fearful you are for the safety of yourself and your family or your employees. The decision to have one installed in your home or place of business is entirely yours to make. Certainly they afford protection at different levels, depending on the price tag, but whether or not you need one is a question only you can answer.

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  • Ed

    A panic room is something to think about. I’ve been wanting to set up one for a while now just haven’t got around to it.