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Daily YouTube – Earthquake Precautions for Canned Goods

[Katzcradul talks about the need for earthquake precautions for your jars and canned goods. She has a couple of good ideas to consider. You should also understand that even if you don't live in "earthquake country" out west it is possible for an earthquake to occur anywhere. If you'll look at this earthquake map you'll notice that much of the continental US is at risk. The first 5 minutes of the video she talks about insurance and then gets into the ideas she has for you. I would also encourage you to review the earthquake documents found here which will help you better prepare your home for an earthquake.]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – Earthquake Precautions for Canned Goods

  • Martin

    Seen the references you talk about and they are a good start. If only people followed the recommendations there would be far fewer people hurt.

  • Capt Cook

    You can use milk crates for storing food. Cans stack 2 high inside with room to spare. Canning jars should stack 2 high also & you can put cardboard in between layers. They also stack really well and would be very handy for bugging out in a hurry. Arrange your milk crates with a variety of foods and spices and you can have meals all set up in them. If there is any extra room on top or inside you can always slip in some napkins & things like that stored in baggies.
    I also have 2 large totes with a variety of foods in them as well as some TP & Paper towels, spices, cups & cooking utensils. These are ready to go along with a case of bottled water for those dehydrated foods, cooking & drinking.
    For shelving you can tack on a short lip to keep things from sliding off. Old paneling is good for this & you will get lots of strips out of 1 sheet of paneling.
    And don’t forget to protect those oil lamps too. The chimneys are pretty fragile.

    • Good ideas. I’ve kept a large tote full of non-perishable food for bug outs for quite a while. It’s heavy as can be but worth the effort to pack if I ever needed it.