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Daily YouTube – Evolve Bleach Tablets as an Viable Alternative to Liquid Bleach

[I've been hearing about these Evolve bleach tablets recently and thought I would pass along these two videos about them. It appears that they are bleach in tablet form. This is a nice idea for longer term storage of bleach because liquid bleach won't store well much beyond 6 months. They could be a viable alternative to pool shock that many preppers tend to rely on. Noreen's Kitchen does not recommend they be used to treat water for personal consumption such as for drinking or cooking. I tend to agree until more is known about them as they may contain additives that would be bad to ingest. Regardless, they could prove quite useful for other situations.]

8 comments to Daily YouTube – Evolve Bleach Tablets as an Viable Alternative to Liquid Bleach

  • Tony

    CAUTION … I found the same product in our local grocery store. After thoroughly reading the wrapper, nowhere does it state that one tablet will produce one GALLON of bleach. The only reference to a “gallon” suggests adding one tablet to a gallon of water for cleaning purposes. It does suggest adding one tablet to your washing machine. If a tablet does produce one gallon of bleach, would you add a gallon of (Clorox) bleach to your washing machine? Absolutely not. At most you may add one CUP of bleach to your laundry. Based on this, one table would produce one CUP of bleach with a bottle producing 32 cups or 2 gallons of liquid bleach.

  • karen stone

    I will be lookig for the bleech tablets on my next visit to walmart. It sounds like a good product especially when you needto conserve your space. Thanks for the heads up. karen

  • Nathan

    I’m a manager at a dry cleaner here in Ontario, Canada. We have an attached full service laundromat. We sell single use detergents and fabric softeners like Tide and Bounce but we also sell powdered bleach. Now, as everyone knows, not all bleaches are equal but I have researched the ones we sell and there is one that appears safe for water purification.

    Just offering affordable alternatives :)

  • Ted

    This is cool ! thank you for sharing .

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  • Smoothe1

    These look promising. I will have to keep an eye out at the store. Thanks.