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Featured Website: – Medical Information for Preppers

This site isn’t just about providing useful and interesting daily content found ONLY here, you know. A large part of this site is about directing you to the wonderful work of other preparedness websites. I know I’m supposed to pretend is the ONLY preparedness site out there, but that would be doing you a huge injustice.

Hence, the purpose of this post (and future posts like it) is to highlight particularly awesome preparedness and survival websites where I’ve found remarkably useful and pertinent information… is one of those sites. It is run by two very engaged and knowledgeable people, Dr. Doom and Nurse Amy. Dr. Doom is an actual M.D. and Nurse Amy is a Advanced Registered Nurse and Certified Nurse Midwife. They’re also master gardeners. Now, those are some credentials!

If you haven’t happened upon their site yet, please do so today. I’m always finding wonderful information that I just don’t seem to find anywhere else. Here are a few posts that I’ve found particularly useful of late (although it was very difficult to choose):

Of course, there are many other wonderful posts in their archives. I can’t tell you how many times I was glued to my computer screen reading something I didn’t know from They also have a podcast that you might be interested in listening to as well. There’s plenty of other information there as well, go check it out!

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