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Featured Website: Prep-Blog.com – A Refreshing Take on Survival

To be honest, I follow quite a few survival and preparedness blogs (I keep up with them all via Google Reader). I’ve noticed, however, that I tend to pay significantly more attention to particular sites more than others (look at the left sidebar for their RSS feeds), Prep-Blog.com has become one of the blogs on that short list.

Not only do I pay more attention to Prep-Blog than most, but I actually look forward to Thoreau’s and Butch’s next posts! I truly enjoy their viewpoints on most topics for sure.

As their tagline states: “A survival blog for non-survivalists, we offer a moderate approach to prepping for types of disasters most likely to affect you and your family. Prudent Reasonable Emergency Preparedness” [hence, the "PREP" portion of the URL].

And, it’s true. While I like to think that reThinkSurvival.com offers a reasonable approach to preparedness as well as plenty of tools to help you do so, I’ve found that many preparedness sites tend to play on people’s fears and ignorance. Prep-Blog will have none of that! They are grounded and I appreciate that.

In fact, their site is all about refreshing content. They post something new almost everyday on topics that span everything from solar cooking to home defense, gardening, specific disasters, and even their personal opinions on any particular topic. Their site really is just about content, content, content.

Take a look at some of their recent posts that I truly enjoyed:

And that’s just the ones I REALLY like from the past month or so! If you haven’t done so yet please do yourself a favor and add Prep-Blog.com to your watch list!

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