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Featured Website: Prepper Ideas (Exceptionally Well Written Articles)

I can’t remember how I found PrepperIdeas.com but I’m sure glad I did. I can honestly say that within just a month I’ve become a fan. And, it seems it’s a relatively new site having just started in late June. Regardless, I like what the site owner has put together thus far. In fact, here are several of their more recent posts that I thoroughly enjoyed:

… and those are just the articles from the past month or so that I REALLY liked. I even tried to find an email or contact form to say “Great job!” the other day but couldn’t find anything. So, whomever you are… keep it up. Hopefully they will.

2 comments to Featured Website: Prepper Ideas (Exceptionally Well Written Articles)

  • T.R.

    one interesting thing mentioned by the SC/NC ? prepper was the use of the giant plastic septic tanks as use for a more discrete bug out base as you can bury it , and apparently , the large ones have more than enough room inside to live comfortably ( relatively ) for a short duration .

  • Hammer

    Will check it out. Thanks for the link.