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Featured Website: Seasoned Citizen Prepper

I wanted to take a moment to point out a site that I mentioned in passing a few weeks ago, Seasoned Citizen Prepper. This website was started by Rourke who runs a very popular (and recommended) website, Modern Survival Online, with the intent of providing knowledge directed at senior preppers.

According to their mission statement: “Seasoned Citizen Prepper is a site devoted to the older prepper that believes in prudent, practical preparedness. Self-reliance, frugal living, and faith are the cornerstones of this site. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of knowledge among our subscribers in order to build a sense of community.”

Recently, Rourke has ramped up the site in large part because he has my buddy, Bev, writing homesteading articles for him. In fact, she has a nice six part “off grid” series going on right now that you should check out. Here’s a link to the first post in the series. She’s also covered heating, water, waste disposal, gardening, and more in later posts… I’m sure she’ll have plenty more interesting and useful articles to come.

I feel that Seasoned Citizen Prepper can become a huge resource for the prepping community regardless of the intended audience. I’ve had it on my RSS feed reader for a while now and suggest you include it in your daily feeds as well. I consider both Rourke and Bev friends and wish them the best of success.

4 comments to Featured Website: Seasoned Citizen Prepper

  • Thank you so much Damian for the endorsement. Your words and recommendation validate the work that has been put into the site.

    As Bev said, Thank you for all that YOU do.


  • Bev

    Thank you Damian for the glowing recommendation of SCP!

    When I first came to the prepping movement, after finding out that homesteading had been lumped into it somehow, I found it rather disconcerting. reThinksurvival was the one site that I could relate to and find good solid information about not only prepping but so many other things as well. I still consider reThink to be the one, BEST, prepping website on the Net. Sooo many useful articles!

    Thank you Damian for all you do for all of us!

    Bev :)

    • Thanks, Bev. That’s very nice to hear. I know you’re adding valuable input to the community with SCP… just keep at it and good things will come!