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Forget Black Friday, Our Sponsors Are Here Everyday!

I know we’re all ready for Black Friday today (maybe some of us have been out already?) but I would encourage you to spend some time and money on our wonderful sponsors that are here everyday, supporting reThinkSurvival and offering you a wide assortment of deals, products, and options:

  • Acerage for Sale – if you live anywhere near Nevada and are looking for a survival retreat, look no further!
  • Ammo Can Stove – a cool idea on re-purposing an ammo can into a useful stove for camping or emergency use.
  • Bar-ricade – a very useful door barricade for further securing your exterior doors.
  • Internet-Grocer – plenty of food storage deals to choose from, including meat, cheese, butter, and more.
  • Liberty CPM – if you want to hedge your wealth preservation in precious metals, consider buying them here.
  • Ozark Mountain Preparedness – offers a wide variety of wilderness and primitive living skills in the heartland.
  • Prepare Wise - sells a wide variety of freeze-dried foods in large packages so you can prepare your family faster.
  • Ready Made Resources – sells a huge variety of emergency supplies and always seems to have a sale or two going on.
  • Ready Reserve Ammo – never worry about your ammo rusting ever again… ammo in a can ensures your ammo is ready to go when you are.
  • Ready Reserve Foods – sells a variety of emergency preparedness items but focuses on very large quantities of freeze-dried foods.
  • Rifle Stock – sells the stuff that make your rifles and shotguns even better!
  • Solo Stove – an interesting bug out bag stove that is lightweight and easy to use.

And please remember to visit them whenever you like as their links can always be found on the left-hand sidebar. Take care!

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