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Daily YouTube – Gas Storage for Power Outage

[Survive2Day discusses the need for gas storage, where it should not be stored, and why the plastic gas cans they sell now are horrible. At the end he shows his gas cans being stored in a large tote outside; my only issue with that idea is the tote doesn't look well ventilated. I'm not a hydrocarbon expert by any means but I would be a little wary about containing gasoline in a small, enclosed space like that. Otherwise, it's a really good idea to get the gasoline away from your home and garage.]

1 comment to Daily YouTube – Gas Storage for Power Outage

  • Hammer

    I always keep at least several five gallon containers filled. Not only for use in vehicles but my generator too. And, since I keep my tanks half full at alll times I’ve got enough gas to see me thought most problems.