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Guest Post: Home Security Tips – Avoiding Fire

Acquiring knowledge on the possible causes of fire in an apartment is a mindful thing to do. As a homeowner, it is but a responsibility to look out for the safety of the family. There are things that could help us avoid fire in the place where we are living. Most apartments for rent have significant diplomacy regarding the matter, like employing home security devices.

These tools are very helpful and that every place should have to ensure safety.

In this article you will read about how you can avoid fire and the possible things that you can have to prevent it.

  • Avoid smoking before sleeping. Or if you are the type of person who requires a dose of nicotine in their body to fight of stress, then better have a proper bin to dispose your ashes so that it will not touch anything that can easily burn, such as your carpets and curtains.
  • Never leave your stove unattended, unless if you have to get the phone or door. In that case, ask for assistance.  Also, make sure that clothes, pot holders, oil, gas, etc. are unreachable by your stove’s flame while on work to avoid any cause of fire.
  • Avoid overusing appliances. Ensure that there is a specific limit in your appliances’ usage to avoid overheating. You need to allow certain time to use them.
  • Do not overload circuits and extension cords. Plugs of cell phone charges, fans, and other stuff should not be plugged all together in one circuit because it will cause overloading or short circuiting. Make sure to have multiple properly electrical wirings and circuits so that you will not have any further problem.
  • Do not allow children to reach matches. Keep matches out f reach by your kids so that they are not going to play with it. This will avoid fire and prevent them from meeting accidents. You also need to guide and teach your children. [millenniumfly comments: I can personally attest to this. When I was a young kid I actually set a bed and room on fire at my grandparents home because I used a lighter to see underneath the bed. Needless to say, I was grounded for a while. :)]
  • Fire Extinguisher. This is that one tool that every place should have, may it be a commercial establishment, office, school, or a property. If staying in an apartment, make sure if there is an available fire extinguisher in the place so that whenever fire happens, you can eventually equips yourselves in disabling the fire. Be knowledgeable in using the fire extinguisher.
  • Fire Alarm. This home security product is very effective because it will immediately alert you when it senses fire in your place. There is no way for you to get trapped in a place that is on fire if you have your fire alarm.
  • Fire Exit. If you are planning to rent, make sure that one of the things that you will consider is the area’s security and safety scheme. Look if there are fire security measures and strategies that the property can provide. Fire exits are one of which, aside from tools use in such occasion.
  • Be alert. You need to be alert every now and then, because you will never know when and where the fire will start. Being alert is one of the keys that you can have to avoid being trapped in a place.

The ways and gadgets mentioned will be a very helpful to avoid fire in your place. Be sure to be more knowledgeable so that you will not be a victim.

Author Bio: John Anderson, a Southeastern American, graduated from Tennessee State University. He specializes in home improvement and is now, the online content coordinator for You may follow him in Twitter @ JohnAnderson090.

4 comments to Guest Post: Home Security Tips – Avoiding Fire

  • hi Bev sorry to hear about your house, yes i totally agree I am a firefighter by profession and i’ve seen houses burned and its always horrible. there are a couple of fire fighting equipment you could use but safety is not an accident it is something someone should take head.

  • Bev

    Fire is a true disaster that will turn your life upside down–my home burned in 2010. Pretty much lost everything.
    I was staining with Watco Stain and was in a hurry and left the rags in a cardboard box–instaneous combustion. I was not home at the time.
    Last week I went and bought a fire extinquisher for every floor of my home including the basement, the garage and a special kitchen fire extinguisher. They are small, but I have multiples and it cost me less that $100. Cheap for the piece of mind and potentially saving everything I have worked for.
    Thank you John for this post :)

  • SillyD

    There are so many things to consider as well. I know it’s summer, but using unsafe heating in the homes during winter, candles, Christmas lights, fire escape planning, and so on. It’s a big subject and one that may be more important than most other disaster planning topics.