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Guest Post: The Essence of a Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag is an essential part of survival or a disaster preparation plan since it can act as a handy platform for food supplies or essential tools for emergency situations.

On the other hand, the selection of food supplies should be treated with utmost seriousness because one’s safety is always the primary objective. A well packed bug out bag will help an individual arrive at their arranged location and at the same time assist in unforeseen circumstances.

Because the portability of the bug out bag is the primary concern, users should seriously choose the items that will be put inside. A bag that is too heavy or too large can be a disadvantage, especially for those who will travel on foot. It is a good thing that manufacturers have made it a point to come up with light versions that are specifically designed to provide appropriate storage and portability.

Before making a purchase, the size as well as the type of the bug out bag should be taken into consideration. This should be relatively easy because there are a myriad of options out on the market. From lightweight back packs to large duffel bags, choosing the right one should be hassle free.

Since food supplies and tools will be bought afterwards, survivalist need to properly select them so that they will properly fit the bug out bag. This is important because purchasing too heavy or too large food supplies or gears may result to slower travel time and higher possibility to develop fatigue.

If the bag will be carried or worn on a regular basis, the purchased unit should be ergonomically designed and comfortable at the same time. Individuals who will use their bag for long and rugged distances may find it very bothersome to carry improperly fitting bags.

When a bag will be transferred by vehicle, it should be perfectly fitted so as to achieve total maximization of the available space. For this reason, interested individuals should purchase the right bag size and determine the most appropriate area where a bug out bag can be placed. Making sure that all the available space is maximized is essential for those who want to bring as many people in their travel.

In addition to the aforementioned factors, the material of the bag should be taken into consideration. It should be made of sturdy and high quality materials. This is important because the mentioned materials can withstand harsh weather conditions and other daily wear and tear. They can also keep food supplies and essential tools dry at all time. Furthermore, the straps and the handles should be properly crafter so as not to compromise energy exertion.

It can be concluded that the right bug out bag that fits one’s needs is essential for those who want to go through survival situations. For this reason, proper planning should be performed before making a purchase. This is important because the wrong acquisition can greatly compromise the chances of survival and increase the probability of injuries or fatigue.

Author Bio:

Kylie Elcano is a big fan of bug out bag. She’s into survival topics, tips, and guides. She love’s watching apocalyptic movie theme and series like The Book of Eli and The Walking Dead.

1 comment to Guest Post: The Essence of a Bug Out Bag

  • T.R.

    Good article . My BOB is the current issue Molle II large ruck in multicam , it will hold 4000ci , 2 sustainment pouches that come attached to it take it up to 5000ci . Its well made and very versatile . If somebody is going to buy one , it is advised to make sure its attached to a generation 4 frame , the soldiers complained that the earlier frames broke under heavy loads ….the problem has been corrected with the gen 4 frame . If you have not looked into the Molle/pals system yet , I think you will like the ability to customize your gear and loads the way you need them to be . Most civilian tactical gear is molle compatable for that reason . It just works so well . If you put your sleep system in the pack ( there is a place for one ) your pack area gets A LOT smaller , which is my only complaint about this piece of equipment so far . just sayin