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Guest Post: The Power Base Shift to Texas Post Collapse by Dreamingreen

I’m a paranoid person, I recognize this, but what if…

The political climate in the United States of America has progressively, in my lifetime, become more divided with little common ground and even less willingness to work together for the greater good. And this divide lies very much along economic, religious and racial lines. The middle class is shrinking, the have’s have more and the have not’s have less. Public welfare has become generational. And even the belief that American democracy is truly viable as we now know it is being questioned at the dinner table and sometimes even in public by a few “crazies”.

History repeats itself and governments rise and fall. The economic collapse of Argentina took almost four years, 1999 to 2002. With the collapse of the United Soviet Socialist Republics in the 1991, and Russia again in 1998, it became evident that even modern super powers could suffer economic collapse and remake themselves by slewing off the troublesome elements that brought internal strife while opening themselves to new opportunities. And is the European Union currently collapsing economically?

What if the United States of America is nearing the divergence between democracy as we know it and orchestrated economic collapse that will allow the nation to reshape itself not only in physical boundaries, but religiously, economically, and racially?

The constitution and how it is currently interpreted would be barely recognizable by our Founding Fathers who drafted it. This nation was founded as a refuge for Protestant Christians. Now even the mention of God is considered politically incorrect, and to some, even offensive. And our country has become progressively more socialist and restrictive of personal freedoms.

There is a strong call from Tea Party Republicans, Libertarians and other conservatives to bring the country back to its roots of Christianity, personal freedom, and sovereignty of the states with far less central government control. The two major political parties have slowly consolidated themselves on a regional basis.

The western states, “The Great American Redoubt” as labeled by Mr. Rawles of SurvivorBlog.com, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, most of eastern Washington and Oregon, and western North and South Dakota, are solidly Protestant Christian, white, Republican/Libertarian, “pry my dead cold fingers from my gun” states. Texas has long been threatening to secede from the Union, it would probably take Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri and even Arizona and New Mexico with it. Consolidate this with the western states and you have significant power to withdraw from the Union.

The Republican south is also of concern. The South has never accepted its defeat in the Civil War. Those wounds, along with the rampant racism in the south driven to some degree by the socialist programs that perpetuate a cycle of dependence and poverty, are festering with a cancer of hatred. This Bible thumping belt, which is becoming predominantly non-white, would like nothing better than to secede from the Union and deal with its population of non-whites as it sees fit—a return to slavery is even talked about in the backrooms of businesses and around all white dinner tables. However, it is too troubled and poor to be of much interest to the Texans.

The Northern States, Midwest and California are becoming the last consistent bastions of the Democratic Left. But they too are losing political consistency as evidenced by the Wisconsin Governor’s winning his recall election. Union abuses of powers, too much big, wasteful government, an influx of Hispanics, Muslims, and other minority groups are stressing even politically liberal patience. These areas would probably fracture into New England, Northeastern States, Midwestern States, and potentially the Northern Plains states of Minnesota, western Wisconsin, Iowa and potentially eastern North and South Dakota. How they fracture wouldn’t be as important as just the breaking apart, regionalization and banding of like mindedness or isolation.

The collapse of the USSR and Argentina are models for the collapse of the USA. Civil war, unrest, some regions let go fairly easily, others clutched to for their natural resources.

The USSR collapsed due to economic failure. But it was an orchestrated collapsed foreseen, even planned for, by the wealthy in the USSR to grab yet more wealth, government owned property and, of course, power. And the result is a greater concentration of billionaires in Moscow than anywhere else in Russia, and almost a complete collapse of the middle class. And orchestrated have’s having more and have not’s having less.

Currently, Texas with its vast reserves of working oil wells, refineries and ports, multi-national oil companies, concentration of Republican billionaires and political power could be likened to Russia. The Plains states, the bread basket of the Nation, and the Western States would likely follow a Texas secession, as well as Alaska. The vast western Bureau of Land Management range lands and Alaskan wilderness, National Parks, and protected wildernesses would be the property that would be divided up among the wealthy and politicians very legally, no doubt, in a split. Exactly what happened in Russia.

For our purposes, let us call this the Union of Texas. It would control nearly all the oil and coal, most of the beef breeding ranches, all of the Great American Bread Basket, most of the wealth of the nation and yet be unified, with a little purging, in race, politics, religion, and general living philosophies. The rich and powerful would become richer and more powerful quickly. The middle class would shrink with few well-paying jobs left with the demise of all national government jobs, the majority of state jobs, and the loss of national and international chain stores. The rest will be working someone else’s land, and with no more government subsidies to farmers those with land left would be eking out an existence on farms and ranches where weather and stock are a continual gamble, or in their pre-collapse retreats and bunkers.

Would the Union of Texas want the South? Unlikely, at least not until all the civil unrest and racially motivated killing ended. But the South has few resources to tempt the Union of Texas into accepting it as part of its Union.

California would be on its own. Currently the 9th largest economy in the world, it would collapse under the weight of humanity and immigration. Wealth and business would move to more stable countries or to the Union of Texas. Perhaps it would be taken over by Mexican Cartels or even reabsorbed into Mexico.

New England would probably remain New England. The Rust Belt region would be sorely put without oil or coal except from the mines of Appalachia and Pennsylvania, the Midwest farms would be hard put to produce enough food for the vast cities of the East. With the breakup of the U.S.A., Wall Street would probably move to Dallas. Civil war would probably break out along racial and ethnic lines. Perhaps the blacks would hold the great cities as their own.

And the Northern Plains states? With few energy resources and cold winters, they would probably become part of the Union of Texas.

In researching the Prepper Movement, I have found that there is almost a zealous glee in anticipating the collapse of the U.S.A. Nearly all the individuals are Republican or Libertarian, Protestant Christians, and White. The idea of getting back to the basics of the constitution as it was originally written appeals to them, as does a Christian Nation, the English language and single dominant white race.

How did I get introduced to this movement? By a very Christian, Republican lady friend who gave me the book, “Last Light, a Restoration Novel”, by Terri Blackstock. After reading the book, I asked if she was a “prepper”?

“No, I put my faith in Jesus.” And she smiled sweetly.

In talking with a number of other Christians and brushing the subject, I hear almost the exact same words!

A movement? A conspiracy? The fundamentalist Christian churches are preparing their own for the orchestrated impending collapse?

And they believe it will be a restoration of faith and righteousness. Yet, like Russia, I believe, it will be no more than the rich and powerful orchestrating a wealth, land and power grab.

But it could happen, tomorrow….

31 comments to Guest Post: The Power Base Shift to Texas Post Collapse by Dreamingreen

  • Scooter

    Things that make you go HMMMMM. Throughout many comments I think all have found an area to expand on. Right or wrong I dont think “Slavery” as we once knew it is an issue…Sexual slavery, yeap,its out there. Enough about that.

    As for seeing the break up of CONUS. Yes I can see it as a potential scenario. I mean lets face it, “IF” you dont feel it can happen, just look at the rest of the larger countries that it has effected…RUSSIA???

    There have been many suggestions on how and what states would go where and with whom. But I do think its plausible. Will it happen…I would like to think not…and we will eventually put the States the way I saw it during the 50′s when Ward & June Cleaver made everything work out right. Yes its a dream and TV, but in some of the areas family life, (note I said family…mom dad kids), did actually look very simular.

    Hey maybe its TV a dream, but if you have a vision, and the ability to make a difference in life and the way you live is possible. Money helps, but it cant buy happiness.

    JMHO and I pray that tpeople and things DO come together!

  • Bev

    Here is the link to that govt. preparedness practice to remove a whole entire county of residents: http://www.bluffcountrynews.com/main.asp?SectionID=12&SubSectionID=21&ArticleID=45709&TM=35080.7
    No nuclear plant close, no military presence, very rural bluff country.
    Anyone else reporting moving an entire population?

    • Suni

      I read the article on the Link you posted. Sounds fishy, doesn’t it? Don’t think I would want to participate in their drill nor would I want the flu shot they are offering…..

    • T.R.

      Things like that happened on a regular basis in the Soviet Union , my sweety told me that without warning a bunch of trucks would show up at a village and tell the residents they had a certain amount of time to pack up their stuff and be ready to leave . If this is happening here we do indeed need to take note !

  • Bev

    I would LOVE to hear HER perspective on our government! Since 9-11 I can certainly see how our nation is becoming less and less free, if we ever were.

    As far as I can see, we are all being manipulated by… power mongers with money… and the politicians are just their stooges…

    And what makes us the boss of the world anyways!

    What really has me disturbed today is in the local newspaper there was a “preparedness article” that the county is going to “practice” evacuating all 18,000 residents! What is that about!@! I called the county and they said it was a “state mandate” but no other counties have put out this type of article. The excuse was anthrax… take all 18,000 (large county small population) people to the medicine… I wish they had it online. It is in print!

  • T.R.

    Millenniumfly ,
    I know it was not your intent to stir up a controversy , but dont feel bad or apologize for it . The passion and activity alone are worth it , it shows that we are indeed living in times of change . The fact that your viewers are posting passionate comments shows just how delicate and thin the ice we are standing on in this country is . There are some similarities in that respect to the years leading up to the civil war …..people are people and the lines are already being drawn as we speak . Good luck to all when the spark ignites . When and how ? your guess is as good as mine . Hope we all make it through .

  • Bev

    Slavery is alive and very profitable throughout the world today, you just don’t want to see it! SEXUAL SLAVERY IS REAL FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN!

    Good point T.R. on how polarized the Nation is! That polarization is what this election is all about! I think, that what made this country great was that we could all have our opinions but when push comes to shove we all worked together.

    I don’t believe Congress is working for US, the people, anymore. Our Nation’s credit rating goes down because politicians can’t compromise? If we lose our world currently status, we will truly be in trouble! And who is getting rich while we all argue and fight with each other? Not me…

    • T.R.

      Bev , your correct about sexual slavery but that is another avenue , not any less repulsive , I think it also is illegal in almost every country as well ( almost ) criminals are criminals , but I think he was talking about owning slaves openly to toil in this country . I dont think the realities of that in modern day would be palatable or even from a purely economic standpoint needed . The 1860s were a different time , we were one of the last hold outs as every other major nation of the time had already abolished it . Our civil war was over taxation …….the slavery issue was put in AFTER it had been going for awhile . Considering that only 6% of the southern population were slave owners …….what were the other 94% fighting for ? Beware of politicalized history , or we will end up educating our kids like the Russians did under communism . Party line only . My girl is a Russian that grew up under the Soviet system …..she has some grim stories and from her perspective sees our government as the same as the soviet government just not as open about what they do …..that alone is interesting .

  • Omegamann


    You don’t want people calling each other names in responses here?

    The fact that dreaminggreen smears the South with its “cancer of hatred” in seventy-five words or more and I simply call her a crackpot is “a distinction without a difference.”

    For a Texas Christian to dismiss poor, beknighted Southerners as Bible thumpers waiting to reinstitute slavery is something that is usually more often seen coming from New Englanders or the Left Coast.

    One thing that she overlooks is that there is not a dime’s worth of cultural difference between East Texans, in particular, and those in the adjacent Southern states. It is ironic that she is from a former Confederate state that was in the first round of states to secede over the issue of slavery. The fact that dreaminggreen’s assessment of Southerners is so brimming of superiority/condescension only gives those in the liberal North and Left Coast more support in their own belittlement of Southerners (and Texans, too–at least behind their backs).

  • Omegamann

    No need to be rude?

    I lost tracks of how many times this woman mentioned Christians, apparently as a politcal benchmark for the judgments she made in her article, yet she writes about the South:

    “This Bible thumping belt, which is becoming predominantly non-white, would like nothing better than to secede from the Union and deal with its population of non-whites as it sees fit—a return to slavery is even talked about in the backrooms of businesses and around all white dinner tables. However, it is too troubled and poor to be of much interest to the Texans.”

    First, she needs to figure out whether good Christians like herself are the “Bible thumpers” she disrespects.

    About secession, while Southerners may have pride in their region, especially politically when compared to other regions, only genuiine crackpots espouse secession. There is no more flag waiving part of the country than the South. The level of military service by its youth is one indicia of this.

    That the author would assert that there is serious interest in the South for a return to slavery is right out of The Turner Diaries. She has been sipping too much of someone’s purple Kool-Aid.

    Frankly, to call her a crack pot is an insult to crack pots everywhere.

    • Obviously, this conversation is going to go nowhere. I simply expect that we don’t call each other names! You don’t like the post or the author’s opinion, no problem… but it can be stated tactfully. Please respect this expectation.

      • T.R.

        On the contrary , its just illustrating how polarized the nation is , people in different regions of the country are indeed different …..it was so even during the revolution , thats why Washington was chosen to lead the army and later the nation ……N and S didnt see eye to eye even then and Washington was chosen because he was the only man that could hold them both together .

    • T.R.

      Secession , yes that is possible ………a return to slavery , in this day and age , absolutely not . Things may indeed be talked about by some people , but more as a perverse joke than actually wanting a return to that .

  • Omegamann

    The author’s comments about the South are a clear indication that being a crackpot is not an obstacle in getting “guest posts” included on this web site.

    I suspect that she just finished reading “The Turner Diaries.”

    • No need to be rude…. and I actually take pride in everything that goes on my site even if I didn’t write it. Although I haven’t read The Turner Diaries, there is something to be said for what the author states. To think that there isn’t still some deep-rooted interest in various states (such as Texas) sceding from the Union is nonsense. As well I’m sure there are many places in the South that would like nothing less. You need only to look at the former USSR to see that it can happen to a major industrialized nation and in recently history, I might add.

      • dasicone

        People are not taking issue with the author’s theoretical scenario but rather the very disrespectful tone in which she referred to the South. I was born and raised in L.A. but have made Birmingham, AL my home. While I understand that every group will have a fringe part to it, the author makes it sound as if racism is the norm in the south, rather than the exception. In addition, the author makes several incorrect assumptions about the South and what it has to offer… to any nation. It so happens that Detroit is not the only place where vehicles can be built. There are EIGHT auto plants in the South, with 3 of those residing in Alabama. Also, the South has many ties to the banking industry, with many headquarters located between Birmingham and Atlanta. Speaking of Atlanta, they boast the largest manifest of civilian flights in the US. All of this does not even speak to the SIGNIFICANT percentage of liquid natural gas that is produced by the South’s coastline. Saying that the South has nothing to offer is speaking from an ignorant position.

    • T.R.

      Look at it this way , there are many people that to this day look at the US government as a foreign occupation force . Hard for you to understand ? do you understand the feelings of the people in Poland , occupied Germany , and the satellite states wanting to be independent of the Soviet Union ? its the same exact thing and generations under the boot dont change it . Freedom and dislike of tyranny is in your blood or its not . Secession is a valid concept and as conditions worsen for the people on the street , an increasingly dictatorial and militaristic federal government ignoring the rights of the people guaranteed by the constitution ……it starts to become a legitimate alternative to oppression that my friend , is only just starting . That can never happen here ? thats what we said about the trampling of the constitution under NDAA , thats what we said about internment camps for US Citizens ” protected ” by the constitution during WW2 , thats probably what the Soviet Government said before the straw that broke the camel’s back snapped …….things happen quickly in modern times and the exact triggers are many , but when they are pulled …..they are pulled and there is rarely any going back …..it CAN happen AGAIN here .

  • Ted

    Im all for it , I wish Texas would get the ball rolling , the fact that NDAA and the patriot act exist means the constitution is null and void , that being the case , its time to break up and start over . Its time for a new Confederacy of states .

  • Bev

    This isn’t a new concept. I have heard similar many times around dinner tables in the West over the last 40 years. “Circle the Wagons” conversations have always been part of the conversation in the West.
    During the 70s when Howard Ruff had his Rufftimes publication and was predicting economic collapse, etc. it was amazing how many people subscribed and passed them around, sometimes they were even in the coffee shops and feedstores.

  • Irish-7

    I concur that Texas is probably more capable of becoming a self-sustaining entity. When I was real young, Pennsylvania used to boast it had the required agriculture, natural resources and industry to support everyone in the state. I highly doubt that is true now. Although my family is preparing for economic collapse, I am praying that we avoid this type of crisis/disaster. We live off of my military pension and VA disability payment. Any breakup of the federal government will be devastating to us. I fear we are on the brink of social unrest and civil strife. Decades of paying billions to minorities in the inner cities has not produced the intended effect, harmony. The riots in Los Angeles are evidence of this failure. I don’t see white folks staging violent uprisings if President Obama is re-elected. I do believe there will be riots in the large cities if Romney wins. The computer social networks, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube openly display black people that admit they will resort to violence. I hope for peaceful resolution to our nation’s challenges. I prepare for situations with “less than amiable” conditions. I will shoot a white man who threatens my family just as fast as a black man, brown man, red man, yellow man or Martian. I don’t want to, but I will. I think that all these people that are planning to riot, just because they did not get their way, should realize that I am not alone in having these convictions.

  • Suni

    I had to laugh at what some of this author wrote about Texas. I am born and bred Texan. If Texas were to secede from the union I do think some of the other states would go with her but probably not NM. NM is a liberal state although they currently do have a good governor. I will put it this way I would be very surprised if they went with Texas. Another point is the low paying jobs referenced in this article by the author. Texas number one industry is oil and gas these are NOT low paying jobs even if we are a right to work state. The competition for workers in this area is great, meaning to many jobs and not enough workers. It is hard work but it has its own rewards. The ranching referenced to would be much harder to get due to most ranchers either do the work themselves or only hire a very few people during roundup. Although

    Texas is a friendly state but people would need to consider the weather here, depending where you live (TX is huge) we do have extreme weather. Panhandle of TX gets very, very cold in the winter and hot in summers, Where I live our average winter temp. is around 32 to 34 and summers are usually 105+ for most of the summer months. Coast of Texas has the most moderate temp.’s but you have hurricanes, the entire state does have tornados at one time or another. Our Terrain is also vast. Sand-hills (think Saudi Arabia) Forest, a few small mountains, and the ocean (Gulf of Mexico) We also have over 1,100 miles of border with Mexico.
    Our culture is vast and mixed with a heavy Hispanic population in all areas. Around the border with Louisiana the population has more blacks, Dallas area has a very large Muslim population all other areas are a mix of all. We have some very large cities in Texas. The are top 5 are Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio, Austin and El Paso. We have also been in drought for the past 2 years state wide but in my area it has been 11 years.
    I am not trying to talk anyone out of coming to Texas but do your research first for the area you are interested in as I said it is a large state with many differences and be prepared for a different way of life. LOL yes, I am a redneck, I don’t consider that to be a bad thing.

    • T.R.

      Suni ,
      I would probably bet that AZ would join Texas , a lot of us here are fed up . Texas climate ? like you said , Texas is a big state , something for everybody . NM ? yes they are way too liberal , we might have to squeeze and pop them like a zit so TX and AZ can link up . Deport the population to the peoples republic of california . Either way , I would arm and travel to help Texas gain her independence . :)
      Stars & Bars !

      • Suni

        Would be proud to have AZ. Your governor at least has the back bone to stand up to the feds, add in Sherriff Joe and AZ is a great state to have our backs. Your right about California, the state is broke and still passing out freebees. What I don’t understand about people who have never been to the Southwestern US still see us as hicks or below average in intelligence. Guess they forgot about NASA was in Texas, that is until the current administration shut down most of NASA. That’s okay though let people think what they will about the south and western states, that way we wont have to cull out the bad herds later. I think most people in our areas just want to be left alone and not told how, what and when to do every little thing in life. Long live the Republic, long live freedom.
        PS you also know about extreme weather don’t ya? LOL 116 in the summers ya it gets hot in AZ.

        • T.R.

          Thats just the point , we seem to like our freedom a little more than a lot of areas of the country , for the most part , the yankees just nod and roll over to the federal government . Ironically , thats the very place freedom and the nation was born ……..I guess they forgot .

        • T.R.

          just a thought , if that were to happen , removing the undesirables would be an easy matter in the respect that they would be denied citizenship of the new republic , therefore they would retain their US citizenship and could be deported back to the US . Legal and ethical .

  • Smoothe1

    Wow. Very interesting take on how it all could play out. I hadn’t considered it before but Texas would be prime for such a move, voluntary or otherwise.

    • T.R.

      Alaska could also do it fairly easily , if cut off from the US , they could easily trade with Canada ( they do already ) and buy relatively inexpensive goods from Russia ….Russia is very close , we sent war aid to them from Alaska it was so close during WW2 . Supplies were going in through the back door and there was nothing the Germans could do about it .