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Occasionally, I get people asking me if I know how to (fill in the blank) or if I’ve seen something in particular. While I certainly do appreciate and welcome any and all suggestions–many pages do have link suggestion form at the bottom, by the way–I do want to point out that there are a ton of FREE resources at your disposal if you simply look to the sidebar at the right. >>>>


  • There are easily several hundred videos regarding a number of pertinent preparedness topics in the Video Vault. I put only the best videos that I find on YouTube to share with you.
  • I’ve included hundreds of “how to” articles in the “How” To Knowledge Base that detail nearly anything from how to remove radiation from your water to growing potatoes in a trash can and even how to build a golf car solar welder should your heart so desire.
  • The Guide to the Net may be among the most useful resources here. You’ve find an assortment of free resources from other web sites to PDF manuals and so much more.
  • You will also find a growing number of Gear Reviews that will help to save you time and money. I intend to do one a week.
  • Not sure about a particular book? Review the Survival Books I Recommend from Amazon. The same can be said for a variety of Recommended Amazon Survival Products as well; topics include for Bug Out, Home Essentials, and Vehicle Necessities.

Whether your interest is food storage information, water treatment ideas, first aid resources, solar energy projects, risk assessment, home security, personal safety, or something not mentioned… you’ll probably find it in one of the aforementioned three locations.

Of course, none of the above includes the vast array of unique preparedness resources available only to paid subscribers. Find out about membership benefits here.

Spend a few minutes and check out what I’ve got… I bet you’ll be far better prepared for it!

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