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Guest Post: Home Security – 4 Tips to Make Your Doors Impenetrable to Burglars

When it comes to preparing your family for the worst, home security is one of the last things people think about.  Putting the security of your home on the back burner can put your family and home in danger, as well as your peace of mind.  Preparing for the worst can prove to go a long way, so I’ve compiled 5 tips that you can use to deter a burglar from entering your home without the use of a home security system.

The FBI reports that a burglary occurs in every 12 seconds in the United States.  That’s roughly five home burglaries every minute!  The scary part is that it takes the average burglar only a minute or two to gain access into your home.  What’s even scarier is that it only takes them 8-12 minutes to find the most valuable items in your home, take what they need, and make a clean getaway.

Most burglars who can’t gain access into a home within two minutes will in most cases move onto another vulnerable target with easier access inside.  So what can you do to your home to make a burglar unsuccessful in entering your home?

Here’s 4 Ways to Trick a Burglar into Picking another Target:

  1. Toughen Up Your Door Frame – Even if your home is equipped with the strongest door and the highest quality locks, a burglar may still be able to enter your home by prying or breaking the door frame itself.  In most homes, door frame moldings are basically tacked to the wall, so a crowbar or a hard kick can simply split the frame from the wall.  To secure your door frame to the wall, put in several 3-inch screws along the frame and door stop.  Make sure the screws reach the wall stud for the best protection.
  2. Sliding Glass Doors – Sliding glass doors are the burglar’s favorite point of entry into your home, mainly when it’s inadequately protected.  There are a few ways to protect these doors.  For example:   A simple solution is to wedge a wooden dowel in the bottom track when the door is closed and locked.  This way if a burglar manages to unlock the sliding door, the wooden dowel will prevent the door from opening.  Make sure to replace any old sliding doors. They are very easy to pick, and can also be lifted off the track.
  3. Beefed up Locking Mechanisms – All of the exterior doors in your home should be equipped with a deadbolt lock, on top of the lock built into the door knob.  Be sure it is of high quality with a throw bolt that’s at least 1-inch long.  If the doors in your home have anything less than a 1-inch throw bolt be sure to have these replaced.
  4. Home Security Yard Sign – Let’s face it, a burglar would much rather pick a home that doesn’t have a security system than one that does.  One of the first things a burglar does when targeting homes is to check to see if your home is protected by a burglar alarm.  If they see one of these signs, the chances of them breaking into your home are less likely.

Burglars are very opportunistic criminals, so picking a home with the easiest access are the homes they’d much rather prefer to burglarize.  All of the tips listed above are good measures to slow a burglar from entering your home, and at the same time, keeping your family and home safe.

This Guest Post was written by Kevin Raposo, a blogger for SimpliSafe and Infobia.  Kevin covers issues related to home security, consumer issues, crime, and safety.  Kevin is a avid writer and drummer, spreading the word through music and blogging.   SimpliSafe is a leader in the wireless home security field.

13 comments to Guest Post: Home Security – 4 Tips to Make Your Doors Impenetrable to Burglars

  • Bev

    Don you are a man to be admired! LOVE the work boots and 12 gauge shells!

  • Don

    1) Drill and countersink 6″x1/2″ galvanized lag bolts through the jambs and into the structural studs, make sure the lags are staggered so as to not slit the jamb.

    2) A hinged flip-down aluminum device is sold by locksmiths for about $8.00 that can be screwed to the center stiles of sliding glass doors to prevent them from being slid sideways. Also, you can drill and install a 1/4″ dia bolt in the top of the sliding glass door to prevent it from being lifted out of the track. Be careful when drilling so that you don’t ‘splode the tempered glass.

    3) The bolt in the deadbolt must pass into a steel sleeve in the jamb so as to not break the jamb if the door is kicked. You can get steel sleeves from any locksmith or hardware store.

    4) Create your own sign and have vistaprint dot com make it for you. Research security signs online and make yours accordingly. Display the sign prominently in front of the entry to your building so it is impossible to not see. Perhaps even light up at night time. At the same time have them print brightly colored stickers to place on all of your windows, a likely place for burglars to see them.

    5) Finally, go to Goodwill and buy a big ol’ grungy pair of mens work boots. Soil them heavily and sit them near your front door. Burglars are deathly afraid of muddy work boots entering their posterior orifice at lightspeed. If you want to keep the church folk away leave a few empty 12ga shells laying around the boots.

    • Don

      That should say split not slit.

    • I’ve seen that mentioned before about the work boots on the front steps. I wonder how effective this strategy is with a determined burglar that comes back the next night to see if the boots have moved at all. Of course, I would image that most burglars aren’t that determined so it’s probably an effective strategy.

  • Watson

    Also, if you have an outward opening door with the hinges outside (required by most building codes on residences over a certain sqft), it would be easy for a Burglar to knock out the hinge pins and open the door.

    To prevent this, screw in 4 or 5 2 1/2 inch wood screws leaving about 3/4 of an inch protruding on the hinge side of the door frame.

    Cut off the heads of the screws, gently, partially close the door to mark the screws locations, drill into the door at those locations so that the door can be closed fully encasing the screws. Kind of like a vault/safe door pins.

    Now, when a Burglar tries to knock out the hinge pins, the screws will prevent the hinge side of the door from being removed. Couple this with a deadbolt or two and you have a very secure door.

    I used lag bolts and two deadbolts for my install but I have a thick door.

    • Didn’t know about that idea. Thank you for spending the time to describe it.

    • Don

      If the hinges were installed in the past 20 years it is impossible to do as you mentioned. Try it and see. The interior surfaces of the hinges have tabs that interlock when the door is closed making it impossible for two halves of the hinges to be separated when the pins are removed.

      Go open your entry door right now and look closely at the hinges and notice the tabs.

  • Ranger

    I just put my Sticker on the mail box;
    Special Forces Sniper
    I don’t call 911

  • I’ve purchased alarm signs for yard at e-bay before for just a few dollars….benefit is that it’s they are real company signs…the fake ones just look…fake.

  • Bev

    Great post! I love simple ways to be safer.