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Daily YouTube – How Far Will a 22LR Kill?

[These guys test at what distance the 22LR bullet may be a potential kill shot. For those on a tight budget or just getting started (like me) this video may prove interesting to you. It definitely opened my eyes to the potential for a simple 22LR to be a defensive round. Like the guy says: "Getting shot is getting shot." I couldn't agree more!]

4 comments to Daily YouTube – How Far Will a 22LR Kill?

  • Ted

    Unless your a big city cop or combat veteran ……….any marksmanship skills you have wont matter if your panicked ( which you will be )
    Grim Fact : almost all home defense shootings happen between 3-7 FEET . You will most likely barely have time to pull the gun , cock and fire ! ……forget accuracy at that point . That is very sobering …..hope nobody has to experience this .

  • Ted

    He has some points , but consider this …..yes , getting shot is getting shot …….you can kill somebody very easily with a .22 in the right situation ………BUT almost anywhere other than a head shot ….and the perp is also armed , a .22 is a poor round . You will most likely be killed by the perps Glock – wounded or not . The thing is , if your on a budget , there is no reason why you cant find a used 9mm for around the same price you would be paying for a .22 . Bottom line is ………….how much is your life worth to you ? spend the cash . Save the .22 for pre teen kids at the target range .

  • Hammer

    The .22 still isn’t my first choice in defensive rounds but it is good to see that it has such a long effective range in the right hands.

    • Most people would agree. I’m wondering if it’s far better to become an “expert” marksman with skill to hit precisely where you want than to worry so much about stopping power? For the rest of us, though, stopping power is a must!