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Quick References

Quick Reference – How Much Electricity Do Household Items Use?


I know I’ve posted about household electrical usage in the past, but I found another useful site that not only lists common values but allows you to determine individual appliance costs using a built-in calculator, breaks down common power usage into an easy to understand discussion and chart, and provides many energy saving strategies. Given the rising cost of power, relentless heat, and our need to save $$ for more preps, your electrical usage is an obvious target to combat. Check it out.

Visit the site here

2 comments to Quick Reference – How Much Electricity Do Household Items Use?

  • Irish-7

    Again, I am compelled to thank you for the great information that you provide daily to the “prepping” community. I have been considering solar power, either a large system or several generators. I really only want electricity for a few appliances in a grid down scenario: 1)Well pump to bring fresh water into the house. 2) Hot water heater for personal hygiene, washing pots, pans & dishes, etc. 3) Refrigerator /Freezer for storage of food. 4) Washing machine for clean clothes. We can do laundry by hand, if necessary. Anyway, I want to calculate the power required to run these items before deciding which system is best. Hopefully the attached manual will give me the information that I need. Your website is quickly becoming my favorite! Thanks again.

    • Thank you, Irish-7. I do appreciate such kind comments. As to your solar power question, you might be interested in the Daily YouTube video I posted not too long ago about LDSPrepper’s experience with solar power: http://rethinksurvival.com/posts/real-cost-solar-power/. One last thing to consider, if possible, look at the question in reverse: size your appliances to what you can do with your solar power rather than trying to size the solar system to fit what you currently have. For example, look for an efficient DC fridge that can run off of solar power rather than trying to power a typical AC fridge. Also, think about alternative methods of heating water such as a solar batch water heater. Look at my solar power videos to give you some ideas.