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Guest Post: How to Find Quality LED Torches that Matches Your Needs

Just like any purchase you make, you want to buy something that is made up of high quality so that you get the most value from your money.  When it comes to buying LED torches or maybe the brightest LED torch in the market, shopping is not picking the first flashlight that looks good and easy on the budget or if it’s “on sale”. In order to end up buying a quality torch, you have to assess your needs first.

Step One: Assessing Your Flashlight Needs

It might seem quite a bit trivial but you have to think about why you want to buy a flashlight.  Depending on where you intend to use this tool, you can buy a torch that has certain features that will make your moment in the dark much easier – and allows you to conveniently move around.  If it’s for your car, for example, it can be small and compact but one that emits bright LED torch just in case you get stranded somewhere. It would also be ideal to get something with a long battery life.

However, it’s going to be a different model filled with specific features when you just want to leave it in your home and is just meant to be used in times of power failure. Bulky flashlights that are easy to spot around would actually be better than torches with smaller body. Although it can be a bit heavier, it wouldn’t cause you much trouble since you wouldn’t be going far with the flashlight anyway. You just need it to provide you with light while you’re moving around your home – which normally wouldn’t take that long.

If it’s for camping, small and compact yet emit the brightest LED torch is exactly what you need.  A long battery life and maybe easily obtainable batteries are pluses too.  Maybe something with a mount or a stand will make it easier for you around camp in the evening.

Once you’ve given a thought to why you need to buy a flashlight, you need to consider your budget.  Flashlights come in various shapes, sizes, features and also brands.  If you want to get something simple, you’ll be shelling out something like $25.  However, feature-packed LED torches can have a price tag in the hundreds.

Step Two: Buying the Brightest LED Torch

After thinking about why you need a flashlight and what you can afford to spend for a high quality flashlight, you can start shopping.  Read the specifications on the products you like and also read reviews about the LED torches.  At gadget stores, you can check every nook and cranny of the flashlight of your choice to see if it’s got a high quality craftsmanship, construction, etc.

Whether you’re spending $25 for a flashlight or if you’re shelling out $250 for it, your goal is to get something of quality.  Flashlights and LED torches that give you light when you need it and at the same time durable are great investments.

Marissa writes for Batterymax, an online retailer store of batteries, torches and accessories.

8 comments to Guest Post: How to Find Quality LED Torches that Matches Your Needs

  • T.R.

    You mean flashlights right ! last time I lit a torch , I was in the boy scouts .

    • It was a guest post by someone in Britain, I would imagine.

      • T.R.

        Aye that . Amish women wear a bonnet …….but my car still has a hood . Languages are very interesting . As time goes on , the original language starts to become feminized as the off shoots take root . The difference between American english ( masculine ) and British english ( feminine ) , or Latin american spanish ( masculine ) and Castilian spanish ( feminine ) , Canadian French ( masculine ) French french ( feminine ) and so on …….kind of fascinating .

  • Morris

    The writer has provided valid information, but from a SHTF situation it was a little too general. Remembering the adage that “two is one and one
    is none” I would suggest the following: a high intensity (maybe 200 lumen)
    compact light for longer-range identification purposes and for personal protection (to shine directly in the face of an attacker), giving you more time to retailiate; a multi-color, low strength (and generally inexpensive)LED light to enable you to travel around after dark without attracting attention (using the red lens)and finally, a mini-LED light to allow you to sort thru your supplies while camping/hiding out, again without making
    yourself too obvious. And, not much space would be required in your gear bag.

    • Good point to have different lights for different purposes.

      • T.R.

        My step father found a cheap hand crank LED lantern at one of those discount tool places , it was made in china but damned if it didnt work really well !!! it holds a crank charge for a very long time and is also bright . Im going to probably get one to save on my flashlights in camp .