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How Well Prepared Are YOU for a Medical Emergency?

How well prepared do you think you are for a REAL medical emergency? Unless you’re an emergency room doctor (or medical professional prepper) I would assume the answer is NOT AT ALL!

While a basic first aid kit is certainly useful (every family should have one at home and in their bug out bags and vehicle kits), there’s more to real emergencies than just a few supplies. In fact, I’m not just talking about supplies, I’m really talking about your skills and knowledge as well.

For instance, do you have any idea of what to do for an arterial bleed? That is, do you know where the body’s main pressure points are located to slow down such bleeding, or how to use QuickClot, or even how to apply a tourniquet?

The situation doesn’t have to be life-threatening… even a broken bone could be problematic. For example, do you know how to set a broken bone or even how long it needs to heal? Do you know if a bone is really broken or just fractured? These are good things to know.

The problem is that emergency medical situations are so varied that it can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources you can use to better prepare yourself for such situations. Start with a variety of free medical and health guides and watch dozens of health and first aid videos while you’re at it.

While the aforementioned resources are good places to start, you need to learn more than just the accepted medical treatments. You REALLY need to learn from the people who know about such problems and are out there trying to educate the rest of us preppers. Probably the two best places to start are DoomAndBloom.net and ThePatriotNurse channel on YouTube. I’ve been reading/watching these resources for quite some time now and really enjoy their content. As another resource, I would include TheSurvivalDoctor.com as well. These resources are among the best you will find on the Net for two reasons: (1) they REALLY care about you and (2) they often provide the information that usual sources of medical information aren’t willing to tell “normal” people like you and I… and that’s an important distinction.

I would also encourage you to take CPR classes offered by the American Red Cross. These classes are usually quite affordable and include even more offerings besides CPR, such as basic first aid and even wilderness first aid topics.

A last suggestion would be to familiarize yourself with alternative therapies and medicines such as herbal medicines and essential oils. While western medical practices do not recognize such therapies as useful, many cultures and people I know certainly believe in them and find them useful at times. Be sure to use a bit of common sense with them, of course. That is, if you’re arm was recently severed in a car accident, you should NOT attempt to treat it with an herbal tincture… go to the nearest hospital ER… duh!

Above all else, be honest with yourself with respect to your abilities and knowledge. What can you do and what do you need to learn? What can your rely on your spouse or family to do? How about others in your prepper circle? After all, you may be relying on them to perform life-saving procedures on you!

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