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If I Won the Lottery… A Preppers Viewpoint


I decided to buy a lottery ticket a few days ago (I rarely do so) when stopping for gas and found that they had raised the price of a Powerball ticket to $2 from $1 for a single ticket; apparently they did so months ago but I didn’t realize it and, because I was taken off guard, I didn’t purchase a ticket. Guess they needed the money and figured that, besides alcohol and cigarettes, people will continue to buy lottery tickets.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share my dream if I ever win the lottery. Yes, I realize I’m more likely to get struck by lighting several times before winning the lottery (or so they say) but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming and occasionally trying. The funny thing is that instead of dreaming about mansions, Ferraris, and “bling,” these days I dream about rural retreats, bug out vehicles, and firearms.

While I continue to do the best that I can with what I have, I do have plans to get me to where I want to be. My plans and dreams, however, are not the same thing; plans are attainable whereas dreams are just that… something that will never happen. As this is to be a “fun” post, I wanted to share what I would do if I had seemingly unlimited funds from winning the lottery. Enjoy!…

For many years I’ve dreamed about a very secluded homestead, far away from city life. I don’t need much in the way of a home but I would prefer a lot of land with plenty of trees (for heating and harvesting) and streams (to harness for both water and power) as well as a fairly shallow water table so that I can drill for water too. My home will have a very nice root cellar or two, an underground shelter, and a requisite secret escape route or two from the home/shelter to someplace 1/8 to 1/4 mile away from which I could plan to re-take my homestead.

The climate should not be too harsh, which precludes much of the northern states and a few areas down south. I like where I’m at (the Midwest) and would probably stay here rather than moving some place unknown to me such as the American Redoubt. Perhaps there are better places… I’ll research better spots if I ever win the lottery.

I would also like enough land to honestly practice gardening techniques I’ve learned in books like Gardening When It Counts and maybe even the permaculture techniques people like Jack Spirko tout. I would also like to raise chickens and maybe some livestock such as goats, but I’m utterly clueless about such concepts right now; I figure I’ll have to find others that understand it. I might also try my hand at Aquaponics too. Did I mention seeds yet? Yes, I would stock a ton of them in a variety of ways in hopes that some will store for many years should I be unable to harvest seeds from my crops. And, of course, I would have at least 20+ years of dry foods stockpiled too.

I would like to setup a serious power source using water power but I would like to supplement it with a wide array of solar and wind power as well. I really feel like power (or lack thereof) will be the biggest “missing piece” in a long term survival scenario. This is especially true with regards to batteries because they will wear out. Maybe I could try to store a seemingly indefinite supply of dry batteries and battery acid with the hopes that future generations would figure out how to make them en mass again. Whatever the future holds, I plan on being powered up while I’m still upright and breathing.

A huge cache of firearms and ammo goes without saying. The same can be said for anything that may be difficult to create such as clothing, shoes, paper, pencils, medical supplies, lighting, and so forth. I figure I could spend a small fortune on these items alone. Keeping them viable for the long term–I’m talking about generations and not just years–may be nearly impossible due to natural degradation from moisture, oxygen, sunlight, temperature, and even insects or rodents. I’m sure I could spend a few dollars and come up with some really cool climate controlled storage units that I could stockpile and/or bury these items in.

I would also have a ton of equipment and machinery and everything needed to keep them running. The list is seemingly endless, from chainsaws to power tools to garden tractors and even many duplicates of hand tools. The problem I see is the need for fuel and oil to operate many of these items. While I would imagine that I can store something like engine oil for decades, it’s fuel that is the bigger problem. Of course, I would store hundreds (if not thousands) of gallons of diesel and gasoline to begin with. It’s making fuel when my stores run out that is the difficult part. People say you can do so with biodiesels, so I guess I would try that.

With respect to medical issues, I would also include a huge herbal garden not only for medicinal reasons but for use in recipes too. I would try to buy as many essential oils as I could as well. I would also probably buy every piece of medical equipment know to man; ok, I won’t buy it all but I would certainly buy things I haven’t any clue how to use as I never know what may be needed or if I would meet a surgeon or doctor that could use this equipment if it were available. And, as previous eluded to, I would buy oodles of first aid and medical supplies such as gauze pads and especially OTC medications. And why not pick up a bunch of fish antibiotics for my “fish” while I’m at it. ;)

I would build a huge several thousand gallon cistern (or several) to capture and store water for consumption, gardening, sanitation, and so on; And, yes, I will have working toilets! I really believe it would be hard to have too many water sources. I’m not entirely sure how I would treat water on an indefinite basis, though. As I would be very wary of drinking stream water without treatment first I’ll certainly have ever technological device known to man on-hand.

My home would be highly defensible and built from scratch to be defended. No huge windows, walls made of gypsum board, useless exterior doors, and so on. Heck, I may even build a moat. Why not.

I would stockpile a variety of charity and barter items, including food, alcohol, ammo, fuel, and more. I’m sure I would include plenty of silver and gold coins as a form of currency as well.

Oh, and I would try to duplicate as much of this as possible in another location not too far away in the event I had to evacuate or surrender my home. That might be asking a bit too much but, hey, I won the lottery… remember! How much would all this cost? I haven’t a clue. Millions of dollars would be a start.

Last, I would consider how to include several additional homesteads on my land for other like-minded preppers too. I know I can’t go it alone and wouldn’t want to. I need a community to survive and, more specifically, to thrive post TEOTWAWKI.

What thoughts do you have? Did I miss anything hugely important?

10 comments to If I Won the Lottery… A Preppers Viewpoint

  • Bob

    How about some ham radio gear for comm?

  • Pete

    I may have missed the section of medical skills/preps…also, seriously, you will need a LOT of workers to make all those preps and facilities function. One man couldn’t keep all that going andmfind a inure of peace. I like the list though. I have to admit having done that list in my head once or twice.

    • People power is probably the biggest “missing” piece. I would need many like-minded people to pull it off. In essence, I would need to build a community.

  • Dawn

    Wish I was the person in Michigan that just won that 337 million $$$ Lotto!!
    Oh, what I could do with THAT ;-)

  • All neat stuff but you need a library,acid free paper,books onhow to make everything,machine shop to refabricate and repair all your stuff. A school for learning and teaching others hunting fishing,farming,engineering,plumbing,electrical.. Have your retreat and have your school nearby. Get students from all over and teachers.. To teach all of the above.. And learn yourself.. Plus astronomy for navigation
    scientific method, tanning hide making clothing from cotton hemp.spinning weaving,shoe making.. Mining metallurgy.. Need it all. I would build my retreat but also a school to teach primative as well as modern skills..wilderness or remote site medical botany so you know which plants to select to fight infection or reduce swelling and pain..Much to do..

    • No doubt you need to build up a community. This is an aspect I failed to communicate properly in the post. Of course, I still have a bit of the “lone wolf” mentality so maybe I omitted them subconsciously. ;)

  • Jen

    I must have my dedicated nail salon! And if I can’t have that then plenty of paint and polish. :)

  • Martin

    I would include a decked-out doomsday bunker or two myself. It is nice to dream. :)