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I’m Not Rambo, I NEED a Laser Sight Ya’ Know!

A while back I posted about my first handgun purchase. While I haven’t “pulled the trigger” yet, one of the accessories I was considering is a laser sight. I’ve decided that whatever handgun I choose to purchase, it MUST include a laser sight.

While I’m not a complete newbie to shooting a handgun (I have done it before), I’ve come to realize two things: 1) I’m not the type of person that is going to hit the range weekly and run hundreds of rounds through the gun to hone my skills and 2) even if I did do so, I understand that I may react very differently in times of extreme stress.

I’m sure many gun enthusiasts and firearms instructors are pounding their keyboards by now, but this is just my reality. The biggest problem I see is the simple fact that training and a real life situation are not at all the same. When training, things are calm. Nothing moves. There is NO stress. A real life situation–I would imagine–is exactly the opposite: extremely stressful, chaotic, dynamic, and instantaneous. I know there are training courses that are designed to mimic a real life situation but it’s highly unlikely I will ever choose to pay for one.

Regardless, whatever training I would have done, which is likely minimal at best, will probably not be enough to ready me for such a situation. You see, I need a huge game-changer such as a laser sight. With a laser sight, there is little guesswork. Just get the laser on target and pull… I meant, squeeze. I know there’s more to it than that. I need to be very familiar with my firearm for starters. I need to have some skill with the iron sights first. I know all that.

But I feel that for me (and probably most people out there) a laser sight is the best bet for bridging the gap between truly adequate training and reality. I must emphasize I believe that ONLY a laser sight will do. Reflex sights (red dot sights) or other sighting aids such as Nitesites, while cool, just won’t cut it. You’re going to need the positive reinforcement that physically seeing the laser on your target provides.

1 comment to I’m Not Rambo, I NEED a Laser Sight Ya’ Know!

  • Charlotte Link

    I totally agree. I go to the range and shoot about 2 x a month. I love my laser grips on my S&W .38 sp. I have always trained to point and shoot now it is a breeze.