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Is There a Survivalist Code of Honor?

The title of this SurvivalistBoards thread intrigued me. Unfortunately, since the community there is usually lighting fast in their responses, I didn’t feel that I could repond in time… so I’m doing it here and posing the question to you as well.

The Original Poster’s (OP) questions follow (the first half of the OP’s post is removed here due to irrelevance):

“…I get that preppers are like-minded about the inevitability of some game-changing event(s). And I get that preppers have a lot of diverse views that aren’t shared across the board. But, is there a prepper code of honor?

Would preppers respect other preppers above others when things get bad? How would a prepper even recognize another prepper? Is there a secret handshake? I password phrase? A membership card?”

Certainly, asking if there is a secret handshake, password, or membership card is a bit much and probably a bit tongue-in-cheek, but I think the real question is: “would preppers respect other preppers above others when things get bad?”

It’s an interesting question because, when I started this blog several months ago, I really felt like it was “me against the world.” Or, more like “me against the other survivalist bloggers,” if you will. What I found out very quickly was that I couldn’t have been further from the truth. In fact, I’ve begun to make some good blogger friends as a result of this endeavor. I’ve even had many good online interactions with readers and sponsors too.

As such, I really feel like we are a community of sorts, but…

Would I treat YOU differently–assuming I’ve never had any interaction with you beforehand–simply because you’ve identified yourself as a prepper in some way when times get bad?

I don’t know. Perhaps I would see you as less of a threat since you’re more likely prepared for [fill in the blank] than the average Joe. I think if times get tough I would see everyone as HIGHLY suspect no matter who they said they were!

Consider what one of the moderators on the forum posted:

“…as you mentioned, we come from all walks of life. Unfortunately, survivalism has also always had an inordinately high percentage of undesirables. The types that, for the sake of society, shouldn’t survive, but probably will. Take this site [SurvivalistBoards.com] for example. There are a lot of very good people here. But if you’ve seen as many “I’d kill you and your family to take your stuff” posts as I have, you’d understand. The last person I’m going to trust in a serious crisis is another survivalist unless I know them personally, ahead of time.”

I tend to agree with him. And, I think it may be important to understand that how a person chooses to identify themselves, that is, as a survivalist or as a prepper may make a big difference in the kind of person they are. To me, a survivalist is someone who is willing to do nearly anything to stay alive, whereas a prepper is someone ready for an emergency. There’s a big distinction here; however, it’s not like they’re going to make the same distinction as I do and, more importantly, be willing to tell me about it!

Another person commented:

“I do not buy the stereotype that preppers are by default honest regular folk who just want to live and let live. I come from the belief that having a pile of stuff and a closet full of guns says nothing about one’s character, nor does one’s geographic location.

We all may be like minded in the sense that we want to be ready for whatever is coming, but that’s where the presumed similarity ends. How one acts when times are civil says a lot about how one will act when SHTF…”

I don’t want to re-post the entire thread here but I would say that the aforementioned post pretty much sums it all up. You are who you are. Granted, stressful situations such as a major emergency (and especially TEOTWAWKI) will cause people to act differently than their typical behavior when times are civil.

So, is there a survivalist code of honor? Probably only as far as my rifle reaches. :)

13 comments to Is There a Survivalist Code of Honor?

  • Cato

    the real answer is NO.

    If I have it

    It`s for me and mine.

    If you don`t your S.O.L.

  • Lawrence

    I live way out in the sticks…on purpose…in the desert. IF any survivors
    make it this far, I would most likely help them…especially Christian

    But, the minions of satan who make it to my remote rural retreat will
    NOT be helped…except to the next life.

  • Pam

    I don’t care who you are and what you’ve done, if you show up with an attitude of being in charge or entitled to something, you are going to receive a negative reaction.

  • T.R.

    This is a good topic , sorry to say that my philosophy will be to trust no one and suspect everyone . If you look at our “community ” , you will see much polarization and I dare say , a lot of mental illness . I feel that just because a person is a prepper …..will not make them any more or less trustworthy than anybody else . I think all of us with good conscience will have dilemmas of who to help and turn away ……seeing animals suffer would be harder on me . Hope we never have to know first hand .

  • Fr. Chuck

    M+ I’m a 80 year old former Army Airborne Catholic Chaplain…a priest for over 50 years and have “prepared” for more than five years. My purpose in all this prepping is to help others. If I should refuse to do that I’m not worth my salt as a Christian. “Feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty…” At the same time, prudence dictates…”be wise as serpents but gentle as doves..” Morally, I have a right to protect my life and the food I have to sustain life. If seriously threatened I would shoot to wound and apply first aid. Above all the beans, bullets and bandaids, I trust in God; my life is in His hands. “Let nothing disturb you, let nothing freighten you…all things are passing. God alone is sufficient.” In times of trouble, a man’s character is revealed.

    • I wonder what other chaplins (or any very strong people of faith) feel about your willingness/ability to defend yourself when threatened? It certainly makes logical sense to me and maybe I’m completely off base, but I would assume that most priests/pastors/rabbis/etc would choose not to harm another individual even if it means defending yourself or loved ones? I really don’t know, just asking.

      • Fr. Chuck

        M+ Christ said be humble…not a doormat. A Higher Authority says I have a right to protect my life.

      • T.R.

        Thats a good question, because the bible gives examples of both ways , self defense and choosing to be a martyr . Perhaps in the end ….it is a choice and neither is incorrect ?

  • Suni

    This is a great question that all “Preppers” should put some serious thought into. Personally I live in a area of the country that is known for being extremely friendly, what people don’t understand is we are friendly only in the fact “ We live and Let live” only as long as you as an adult act accordingly. In a TEOTWAWKI situation I would be suspicious of any and all that I don’t know. Example: You come to my door hungry or hurt would I help, it depends on
    1) do you have children with you. If you do I may feed your children even if I don’t feed you
    2) would you be willing to barter/ or do you have anything to barter even skills would count
    3) my gut feeling when I met you. If my hackles rise up probably not. If not then proceed with caution.
    This really has so many things to take into consideration it is hard to just give a yes or no answer. I would like to be able to help anyone who comes to my door realistically I have a family that comes first and it would be impossible to help everyone. Great question and I pray GOD will help me with the correct way to respond.

    • I never meant there to be a yes or no answer when I posed the question. I was simply interested in whether we, as preppers, felt some different obligation to each other over non-preppers in the right circumstances. I think you’re right about the “gut feeling” but I wouldn’t put anything past desperate people who would, for instance, use people’s willingness to help young children in order to gain access to your home.

      • Suni

        I thought of that also and in that case I really am not sure what I would do. It would be tough to see hungry children real hard but to say 100 % I would help them, I can not say….. I really don’t know.