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It’s Flood and Hurricane Week!

This week is a good week to discuss floods and hurricanes (because we are still knee-deep in hurricane season) and, who knows, maybe we’ll get some rain if we talk a lot about it. ;)

First, if anyone has some interesting stories about living through floods or hurricanes, we would greatly appreciate hearing about your experience. You may easily submit a post here: http://rethinksurvival.com/guest-post/ or you may email me at rethinksurvival@gmail.com. Either way works. Of course, comments are always welcome too.

Second, reference the following posts to whet your appetite (pun intended): 5 Day Flood Journal of 2007 Minnesota – Something to Beware Given Current Drought Situation and Guest Post: The Flood of 2007 by Bev.

Third, I want you to read this awesome account of one person’s experience during Hurricane Katrina. It is part of a forum post and it is long. That said, the account was informative as well. You might also be interested in these Survival Blog posts as well (all of which are part of my SurvivalBlog.com Best Posts! page):

Fourth, I would encourage you to read the Hurricane Disaster Information and Flood Disaster Information found here in order to better prepare your family for such disasters.

Last, if you haven’t noticed yet, acquaint yourself with these Real-Time Hazard Monitoring Tools to keep abreast of potential flood or hurricane threats as well as many more.

Also, if anyone has additional useful flood or hurricane links, please choose to share them with us. The more we can learn from each other’s experiences the better off we will be as a society.

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  • Hammer

    Just read the first post in that zombie thread it was very interesting! Seemed like a very honest account of what happened to the guy. Will try to read the rest of them later.