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Quiz of the Week – LDS Manual: Growing and Using Sprouts


These questions are derived from the LDS Preparedness Manual [links to PDF File]. Specifically, the “Growing and Using Sprouts” section (pages 127-128). You can find the answers to this quiz on my Facebook page. Good luck!

Q1. According to the LDS Manual, sprouts are usually excellent sources of which vitamins:
a) A & D
b) A & K
c) B & D
d) B & C
e) all vitamins

Q2. Sprouting can be done with:
a) beans and grains
b) fruits and vegetables
c) meat (but not chicken)
d) dehydated foods only
e) root vegetables only

Q3. Which of the following conditions to sprouts NOT need to grow:
a) light
b) moisture
c) warmth
d) darkness
e) none of the above

Q4. Sprouts should not be stored for longer than:
a) 2 days
b) one week
c) one month
d) they can be stored indefinitely if treated like other long term storage foods

Q5. If you plan to get all of your vitamin needs from sprouts, then it is recommended that you store up to how many pounds of a variety of seeds per person per year:
a) 10 pounds
b) 50 pounds
c) 125 pounds
d) 500 pounds

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